weekend stuff

These are random kids on the slide:) We had a super duper HOT weekend. It was like 104 on Saturday afternoon and Laiken had a ball tournament. We sat outside all day, direct sunlight, no shade. I left around 10 Saturday night. I drank so much water and gatorade. I was sweating like I don't know what. The kids got to play on the water slide, so that kept them cool. I let Laiken go down it in her uniform to keep her cool on the field. The heat made me so sick. I got fried like a hot tomato. My kids were slathered in SPF super duper and they were fine.

Sunday, we went to church and went out for lunch with my grandparents and Laiken had softball pictures that afternoon before we headed to church again for the evening. After evening service, we always all go out to eat somewhere for dinner to fellowship. After we ate, the kids and I went to visit Ryan Elizabeth and we caught fireflies at the cemetery.:)

Tonight is the last "school night" for 8 weeks or so!! I'm going to miss my alone time during the day, but am looking forward to sleeping in, pool days, beach vacations, and being able to go see Scotty!!

Don't forget tonight is Secret Life @ 7 on ABC family.:)
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Anonymous said...

Aack! Thanks for the heads up reminder for Secret Life! I just had to run into the other room to DVR it! (only cause some people in this house refuse to stop watching The Backyardigans long enough for me to watch any of my shows... :)

Lots of Love! xoxox


The Mama said...

I'm so annoyed I don't get that channel. I checked today.

I miss my quiet daytime too, but I agree, sleeping in, pool time, all of that is so nice and relaxing!! Yay summer!!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."