Sunshine and Secret Life

Man oh MY!! It is H-O-T!!! It is definetely summer in the south. We are already in the upper 90's...I am sure my Texas friends are burning up!! It is too hot for school to be in session still! Puh-LEASE Tuesday hurry up!!!! We love snow cones and swimming!!

Doesnt she look CUTE in her bathing suit!!

One of my guilty pleasures is the show "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"..I have never missed an episode. It is not child friendly, and I wouldnt let my kids watch it. One of the major topics is teen pregnancy and when the second one on the show happened, I was almost over it. Too much. But ABC Family has decided to take a different approach. On next week's episode, one of the teenagers (Adrian) who has married the baby's father in high school, discovers her baby has died. Now she is 16 and married with a dead baby. I applaud the producers for going this way with this show and storyline..it needs to come to light. Being pregnant does not mean you will bring home a healthy baby, even with a healthy pregnancy. Approximately 1 in 160 babies are stillborn each year in the US.

"Not only will it be interesting to see how the show handles this particular storyline; it’s an important issue that – difficult as it will be to watch – needs to have the spotlight put on it because it’s still something that is overwhelmingly un-talked about. When something like this happens, people often don’t know what to say, so they say nothing, which can leave the grieving parents feeling very alone."
--This was quoted from the Examiner

It airs Monday night at 7. I will be watching, tissues in hand.


Brittney said...

I'm ADDICTED to Secret Life! I feel a little guilty about it! :) I will definitely be watching Monday's episode (on Tuesday during naptime).

Anonymous said...

I will soo be watching too! Thanks for the update! ( usually only get sucking in to watching "Make it or Break it". (Don't laugh at my 35 year old self...) :)

Lots of Love!


"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."