This weekend, the kids and I headed up to Fayetteville to see Scotty and to have some fun.:)

First, though on Friday..Camden was riding his bike and was approached by a man who motioned Cam to his car and offered him a cash reward to help him find his lost bicycle.
Please teach your kids about stranger safety! I cringe to think about what could have happened.

So on Saturday we got up and headed to NWA. The kids and I checked into the hotel and did some swimming. When Scotty got off work, we headed to Red Lobster and had a nice dinner.

On Sunday, we went to the drive through safari and had a lot of fun. I've got too many pictures to share them all. We went to eat at AQ's chicken and it was not good..its been years since I have ate there but I remember it being so good. Anyone else in NWA think its not good anymore?? We drove around and did some sightseeing.

I had to come home early yesterday, Scotty had to work and I needed to get the kids back and ready for school this morning. I hope everyone had a great weekend!
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Anonymous said...

Glad that you had such a great weekend!

How crazy scary about the stranger aproaching Camden. That is absolutely my worst nightmare!!

Love the great animal pics!

(It's Hillary by the way...:)

The Mama said...

Looks like a GREAT weekend, except for the stranger danger. You are right, we really need to be very careful about teaching our children!

Summer said...

Good job momma for teaching about Stranger Danger! That reminds me I need to buy that video! OMG that is crazy...eeek I bet that shook you and your little boy up! Looks like ya'll had a great weekend and yay for getting to see Scotty and check out those animals...That camel is so funny lol and I love that zebra....thanks for your sweet comment to me your are so precious


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