Quick summer hair and kitchens

I totally have been rocking the waves. My hair, that is:)

This is so easy and it's different for me. I did this with my straightening iron and it took like 7 minutes. This was my hair this morning, however, it is quite frizzy now because I got poured on earlier. :)

My hubby is home and we got up this morning and went to eat at Ihop together. It's those simple things that make me smile. I wish he didn't have to be away so much.

Ok, so I really LOVE black kitchen cabinets. I have had a love affair for them for about two years. I so want to stain my cabinets, but so far Scotty says no. I love cottage kitchens, more so than new modern kitchens. I love the mix between new and rustic and these are kitchens I found on Pinterest I ADORE...

I love the chalkboard. I painted a chalkboard on the side of my cabinet one day after my husband told me not to, but I think he ended up liking it.
Here is my kitchen. Excuse the mess, we haven't moved back in yet. And my new appliances are sitting in the garage.

So should I paint them black or leave them as is??

Have a great weekend, I plan on doing a bunch of nothing with my sweet family.


Sally said...

I really like the distressed black cabinets in the first picture. I say go for it! Your cabinets are already dark, so it shouldn't be too much of a shocker ;) Can't wait to see what you decide. And post pics if you do paint!

The Mama said...

I love the cabinets the way they are, but can totally see them black too. That's a tough one!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that hair on you! So pretty! Glad you and Scotty had some time together. I know your time with him is always too short. Hope it's a good weekend!

Hillary said...

I just love me some black cabinets! The SECOND that I spit this baby out and can paint I am doing my kitchen cabinets black. Before I found out I was expecting I "therapy" painted 2 bathrooms and did the cabinets black. I just love how trendy they come out looking! I think that you should def. go for it!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend! xoxox

The Lovely One said...

I am a fan of black cabinets, especially with white accents, as your Pinterest pictures show.

My husband (a stick in the mud!) would say that your kitchen is dark, and you need to lighten it up, either with lighter paint or lighter cabinets. But he's a guy, what does he know?

I LOVE the chalkboard cupboard!

Katie said...

Love your waves! So cute.

Paint them black! Easy for me to say since I won't be doing the work. Ha!

I really like them brown, too. Sorry I'm not much help!

I love the little things, too. ; )

I was thinking of Ryan yesterday and her precious life. Just wanted you to know! You are a good mama to her.

Jack said...

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