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I have had so much going on that I haven't had time to blog. I spent the weekend with Scotty and the kids and we went to breakfast two days in a row. I love doing that on early Saturday mornings. On Saturday, we invited my grandparents to go with us. I took pics, but they are on my phone. We wanted to spend time with them before my grandpas surgery on Tuesday. We went to Tractor Supply and Home Depot twice and went furniture shopping. It was a busy day. Sunday was church and after church we had Chinese buffet with my grandparents again. Scotty went back to NWA on Sunday afternoon and my niece Morgan came home with me after Sunday night service. I got a makeover Sunday when we got home by Laiken.

This was my before picture. Right after we got home from church on Sunday night.

Well, Before meets the After.

She said my hair looked better like this. She just brushed the heck out of it and put it back in a ponytail. Now, for a close up of my make-up..

I've never looked better, right? Yup, that's what I thought. Just fabulous.

Monday we went to see my grandpa before his surgery on Tuesday. He was SO nervous. We were all SO nervous. I was so worried. Everyone was so scared.

He really loves this little girl.

Tuesday morning, I got up at five and got ready to go to the hospital. Our preacher's wife(Lisa) had offered to watch my kiddos (BLESS HER SWEET HEART) and I dropped the boys off there, and decided to drop Laiken off with my dad's wife. She took Lake to work with her. I was trying to divide them up. Once I got to the hospital, I kissed my grandpa and we waited for him to go back to surgery and we went to wait with our family in the waiting room. He did GREAT. Surgery didn't take more than two hours, and he was only on the ventilator until 5 yesterday afternoon. He will have a long recovery, but this aortic valve replacement he got will help him so much more. He can play softball with Laiken again, and hopefully get back to his golf game. I love that man so much and I hope he knows how much. I am SO thankful he did so well.

The kids had a blast out at the preacher's house. They have pigs and chickens and I think the kids want to move in with them now. Laiken had a good day at work with Sharon and they went to Hot Springs last night for a showing (real estate) and my dad took Laiken out to dinner. She had lobster and was in heaven. She told me she had Starbucks yesterday morning, but her Red Velvet whoopie pie was gross. But she liked the Strawberry Frappacino. She had Sonic for lunch and got a real combo meal. She said she had a #9 with a real drink, not a small one. LOL. ;) And she even got to get a Shirley Temple for dinner last night. So I am so glad the kids had great days.

Anyhow, today I am EXHAUSTED and I still have more packing to do and that's such a chore with the kiddos underfoot. I just do a little everyday. I feel like a need a Mental Health day today, haha. We are just staying inside out of that blazing heat we have going on here.

Happy Wednesday!

**I just wanted to add something. A little boy that goes to the preschool I used to work at has been diagnosed with cancer. I do not personally know his parents, but know people who do. He has begun his treatment at Arkansas Children's and I know his family would appreciate all our prayers! His face book page is HERE. His name is Easton. Thanks!


Hillary said...

I LOVE your makeover! :) You are such a good sport and L will have another fun memory of the two of you hanging out together.

Many prayers for your Grandpa! I'm sure he'll come through with flying colors!

Lots of Love xoxox

The Mama said...

YAY for your grandma! Praying hard for him, glad the surgery went well. Praying for his recovery. Also praying for Easton.

LOVE the makeover!! :) So fun!

Ashley E. said...

What a fun makeover! :)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."