First day of School and my Dr. Appt..

This was first day of school last year.

And this was this morning..these pics are not good because they were taken with my phone.

I had to drop them off at 7:30 because I had to be at the Dr. in Little Rock by 8:30 and I gave myself time to go inside with them and for traffic. They could care less if I kiss them goodbye on the first day anymore. They are too old for that:( Camden in is first grade for the second time, and Laiken is in 3rd, and Cade is in 4th. They had great days and they have not stop talking since we got in the car. They were starving and so I offered to cook them dinner and all they wanted was hot dogs and grapes. Yummy;)

So I rushed to Little Rock, got stuck in a wreck, made it there right on time and waited for 35 minutes to be called back. Once I got called back and did the whole hoorah, the nurse told me my BP was 156/102 :(( I have never had high BP unless it has been in late pregnancy and I did have high BP when was pregnant with Ryan. Anyhow, the Dr. came and spent alot of time with me. In December when I had labs and my pap at the post partum check up, my glucose was really high. So they made me do a one hour glucose tolerance test and that orange stuff made me queasy. So then I had to have another pap because my last one had abnormal cells and they FORGOT to call me. :( But anyhow, I have had heart issues my whole life. I have an arrythmia, a mitral valve prolapse, and a murmur. Apparantly my heart is working too hard so my BP is high. I am supposed to take medication but I don't, so they are referring me to a new cardiologist to follow me. They drew my lab to recheck clotting factors. They are going to see me back in two weeks because of the heart and BP issues, and I am going to have another ultrasound to check for clots and such. But baby looks fine!!!! I am praying that this baby just loves it in my tummy and wants to stay for awhile. ;) People who know keep asking me questions like "What can they do to prevent you from losing your baby?" The answer is nothing. It just happens. But they are going to follow me closely and I feel really comfortable with that. Thank you all SOOO much for your sweet comments and prayers, keep the prayers going!!!


Mrs. Monty said...

Yay for baby! I'm so happy to hear that! And I hope everything with your bp gets resolved and your pregnancy is smooth sailing from here on out! I'll be continuing to pray!!!!

Hillary said...

I'm soo soo glad that everything went well at the doctor today!! I've just been praying so hard for you guys lately! My specialist told me the same thing pretty much. They would follow me closely enough this time that they would know that there was a problem even before I did so that maybe they could do something in time this time.

Lots of love and continued prayers!


The Mama said...

Prayed for you all day today! Yay for a GREAT appt, I am so glad to hear that!!! Yay for baby looking great!

Glad the first day went great with the kids today! They look sooo big!!!

My New Normal said...

SO happy to hear about your pregnancy. Here's hoping that baby sticks around and comes home with you in 9 months!

Melody said...

I am so thankful pregnancy doesn't last more than 9 months! It is so stressful and even moreso for you. I continue to pray for you and baby and hopefully things with your body will calm down and this pregnancy will be NORMAL! Love ya!

Summer said...

Ur kiddos look so presh on their first day of school! :( they could care less bout kisses ne more LOL I was told that will happen ha! Im sure Kelcee will just run in her pre-school class and I will be choking back tears LOL....

So thanks so much for the update girl I have been praying so super hard! I am so elated that baby is doing good! That is awesome news! Boo about ur blood pressure and OMG that they didnt' call u about abnormal cells! Dr.s office staff forget such important stuff blah...So that is good they r gonna let u see a cardiologist and watch u real close. U know ur blood pressure may have been so high from nerves..mine elevates when I go to the dr. I call it White Coat Syndrome from anxiety LOL...Hey did they mention baby aspirin or Heparin shots for ur blood clotting disorder? I took baby aspirin for mine the whole time I was preggers with Kelcee....girl u know ur always in my prayers
love u

FrouFrouBritches said...

My MIL has MVP and I suspect my Hubby does too. I'm glad the cardiologist will be following you. That orange stuff always made me sick too. ICK!

The kids look adorable!!! Love your oldest son's hair. So cute!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."