A day in the life

5:35 alarm goes off. I hit snooze. About ten times;) I got up around 6:20. Woke kids up, got their clothes laid out, they got dressed, brushed teeth, and Laiken washed her hair so I dried it. Wash my face and throw on ugly sweats. Feed kids sausage biscuits and we are about ready to go. If I know I have nowhere to go that day, I'll skip my shower until I get home. And hope noone sees me. I am quite scary.

7:34..we are in the Yukon ready to go.
7:55 drop kids off at school
Sitting in drop off line.

8:15 back home ready to tackle my boring day.

Kids leave the family room a mess so I clean it and change my sheets. Woo Hoo, it's Friday!!

I'm tackling the laundry. It's rather pitiful and embarrassing. My life ain't glamorous!!!!! The reason clothes are everywhere is because a certain child was looking for something and made a mess!!

Gotta do the yucky dishes from last night. All while trying not to gag.

9:30-10:30 laid on the couch bc I had severe nausea. :( got really hungry at about 10:40 and cooked this:

Sat down on couch at about

To eat and watch TV. This is what I do when kids are at school...nice to relax in front of the TV.
11:30-12 I played on the computer and read blogs, checked Facebook, etc...
(this is the most boring uneventful day) it's almost embarrassing, ha!
12:00-1:00 I cleaned my bathroom bc it seriously needed it. Scotty called after that and I talked to him for about 30 minutes.
1:30 shower time! Gotta leave to kids at 3:00...please note:I generally shower way before this!!! I usually am a LITTLE more productive;) just felt like staying home today and relaxing!
1:45..get dressed and put makeup on
2:00 dry hair/straighten hair while jamming to Pandora radio
2:25 pay bills
Read all the patient info for my new Dr. I got in the mail.

3:00 leave house
Sitting in the too long pick up line..

3:35 kids get in car..Cades math and science teacher came out to tell me about his bad behavior. This is a whole another post, but he is really struggling with schoolwork and behavior and I'm SOOO stressed about it.
4:00 We get home and kids have to clean their rooms. I don't do it for them (sorry mom!!) she always cleaned my room and can't figure out why I don't clean my kids rooms. I did until they were in school, but they are plenty big..
The princess' room looks like a serious mess!!

4:30 snack time--kids have hot pockets, I have a pear and cheese. I LOVE fresh pears!!

5:15 We leave house to go to football practice.

We get there about 5:35.
I live way way far out. I hate the drive.
6-740 practice

On my way to the grocery store to pee. After sitting at practice that long my bladder can't take it. It's about to burst. It hurts. I may or may not have almost or maybe peed in my pants a little. And that asparagus I ate for lunch? Well, it's making my pee smell very bad!!

Ahhh, relief!! Now I have to get gas!!!

It's now about 8 and I don't feel like cooking dinner. Fast food, here we come!! I loathe McDonalds but it seriously sounded good..

I miss my hubby:(
We got home @

And now kids are showering and I'm about to wash my face and put my hair up and snuggle up on my couch and watch 20/20. It's about you tubers;)
Tomorrow Cade has a game and the big Arkansas game is on but we get to sleep late bc Laikens softball got cancelled. Woo Hoo!!!

This was probably the longest post ever!!! And the most boring day ever. It was all for you, Hillary!!! I'll do this again after I have baby and see how boring it is, Ha!! Goodnight!!!!


Ashley E. said...

I love day in the life posts!

Hillary said...

HAHA! I laughing so hard right now, I'm peeing my pants with you!

Thanks for the shout out and I still don't know how you do it! I get about 1/4 done of what you do and I still don't make it into the shower until late at night (and even then don't have the energy to even wash my hair).

You are seriously one amazing wife and mother! They are so lucky to have you girl!

Lots of love and hope you have a great weekend xoxox

The Mama said...

I LOVE this post!!! I don't think it was a boring, uneventful day AT ALL!!! I think you had a very busy, and very productive day, and you got the laundry done? Amazing!!

Melody said...

My house is SERIOUSLY a mess today. It's funny because people come over and laugh that I think my house is a mess but today, it's gross and it's getting cleaned. IF I can not throw up! The grocery list is a whole page long and OSU Football is on today so we will put on our orange and watch them beat Texas (I hope b/c I dont want to be around the hubs if they lose! Not a borning post, I'm just jealous of you that you don't have to work :)

Kim said...

You are so brave to post your "messy" house pictures (that aren't even messy!) Very entertaining:)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."