Just a random post

This morning, I took kids to school and went to go get my hair highlighted.
My friend Lauren doing my hair..dont ya just love the flash in mirror?

We went to lunch after that at a new diner and it was all homecooked stuff. I should have taken a picture of my plate. I got chicken strips, mashed potatoes, and skillet corn. I LOVE mashed potatoes and corn mixed together. Lauren got a yummy BLT and onion rings.

After we ate, I came home and laid on the couch and watched some DVR'd shows. I watched the Biggest Loser. I'm rooting for Becky because she's from my town! It made me cry. Yes, seriously. I have no time for TV anymore bc of the kids night schedule. Thank goodness for DVR!!

Today was overcast but soo nice and about 70. I took these pics on the way to get kids.

This side of the road is still all green.

But across the street, its turning fall like.

And to my Alabama friends, don't be mad at me. BUT, I have to share!!!

Woo Pig Sooie!!!!!!!!!!!! This weekend is the big AR vs. Bama in Tuscaloosa. So excited!!!!

This was such a random post. Right now, it just started storming and I'm praying for lightening. I hear lots of thunder...Cade has football practice and they play in the rain..unless it's lightening. C'mon lightening!!!!!!! I'm tired and wanna stay home!!


Hillary said...

I'm praying for lightening for you girl! You need a break more than anyone i know right now! :)


The Mama said...

Did it lightning there? It didn't hear, but we had some thunder, so maybe y'all got some......

Melody said...

Last weekend our friends came over to watch football with us. Zach is a HUGE weather guru. Our friend's little girl (who is 6)wouldn't leave my side b/c it was storming. And my child was standing at the open front door, lol. I never get to watch the Arkansas games b/c they don't broadcast them here in Oklahoma :( But my husband is a HUGE OSU fan so we are only allowed to wear orange anyway, lol. I do have my Razorback stuff in my classroom.

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."