Go Hogs Go

Yesterday, my hubby sent me this. It's NYC across the bridge. I'm jealous he gets to travel..

Today is all about the Hogs! The little ones and the big ones!!
Cade is a razorback, and the kids and I had to be at the football field bright and early for pictures and he had two games.

After playing two games...

He's getting SO big!!!!! Camden looked so cute in his new jersey, but I couldn't catch him to take a picture! He never sits still!

It was HOT today. I thought it was going to be cooler and I wore black yoga pants. Yuck. Im ready for the night games. With the cool, crisp, fall air. I like oversized hoodies and hot chocolate.;)

What I'm really ready for... is for tonights game!! C'mon..you know you wanna say it with me....Woo Pig Sooie..Razorbacks!! Who are you cheering for today? I just love the south during football season!!


Hillary said...

Cute pics! How fun is it to go root your kids on at their games!

Stay cool Mama!


Melody said...

So, I graduated from the U of A in 2005. I sat RIGHT beside the quarterback of the team and had NO idea! (and I can't remember his name today, ha) Everyone kept saying, "Do you know who that is?" He was majoring in Middle school education just like I was but I had no idea who he was by his name. Finally someone said "Melody!, that's the quarterback of the football team!" HAHA!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."