Hello world!

Hello world!!! It's nice to meet you!

This is me waving at you!!

My mommy is really really silly and she was up all night praying that I was ok. I tried to kick her to let her know im ok in here but she was still scared!

This morning my mommy went to a place where a lady pushed on mommy's tummy alot and I realized I was on camera so I decided to put a show on for my mommy because I knew she had lots of anxiety. I flipped, kicked, waved, stretched and I heard my mommy cry. Even the lady cried because mommy was crying. They were so silly. I wish my daddy was there, but I'll put on a good show for him next time. My heartbeat is in the 160's and I'm perfectly happy and healthy in my mommy's tummy. I'll come out in the springtime after the yucky cold winter and meet everyone!

Until next time!! Pray for my mommy!! She's a lot silly;)

Oh, and today is my Grammy's birthday!! I can't wait to meet her!!!

She's really pretty!!


The Mama said...

Still smiling!! What a great u/s! And Happy Bday to your mom!!!

Nancy said...


Melissa said...

Precious Precious!! Praying for your fear to get kicked in the rear by our AWESOME GOD ;)

Kim said...

So cute! So glad things are going well!

Hillary said...

Oh what a beautiful sight to see! Your newest little one is so precious! I'm glad you have a little relief for a while that the baby is still doing great! I know completely how you are feeling. The anixiety is overwhelming sometimes while you wait for them to finally get here!

lots of love and don't forget I'm here for you if you need someone to vent to!


"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."