Pregnancy vlog #2

I'm almost too embarassed to post this video, but I said I would do it every week so I'm trying to keep my word. Just please excuse the fact I'm laying down and have terrible hair.

YouTube Video


Hillary said...

Oh no! I don't have sound on the old laptop I'm using! Can I get a transcript of your vlog? :)


Summer said...

gurl we would be in trouble if we ever met LMAO...we have lots in common oh and I pukey in the van and u pukey in subway and we tell the stories to the world hahahaha...you are so cute, love the video...gurl I understand the nasuea thing omg with this chemo it's like preggers nausea times one hundred and the smell or thought of a certain food does make u gag I feel ya sweetie...I am so glad ur doing well...i've been to sick to blog much....how sweet of you to sit with your friend...xoxo Sums oh I mean Eve hahahahah

Hillary said...

Ok, I'm back...Haha. I finally figured out the sound. I loved your video! When Bobby got home from work tonight and I was listening to you he was too. He totally cracked up listening to your subway story! Can't wait to hear the next one!


The Mama said...

Bless your heart on your Subway story!! I was sick in so many restaurants, I just feel sorry for you! Hopefully the nausea fades soon!!!

Love love love these videos!!! Can't wait for the next one!

Melani said...

HAHAHA you're so cute, and you're hilarious! I love it!

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