Activities, intelligender, and homework

Good gravy, last night was busy. All 3 of my kids had activities at the same time. Its so hard with Scotty not home. Cade had a football game, Laiken had softball practice and Camden had his first night of cub scouts. My mom took Camden. Is this not the cutest kid you've ever seen??

He must've gotten really worn out, 'cuz my mom texted me this:

My kids did not get into bed till 11 last night, and they were beyond exhausted this morning. Cade's game didn't start till 8 last night and I just think it is waay too late for a school night.

I went back to bed after I took kids to school;)

This morning, I decided to do this:

Just because. And I could care less about the gender of my baby..but I thought this could be fun. So my results were funny. They were orange (girl) on top but there was green sediment on bottom. I contacted them via FB and they said I should go by the top layer results.

We shall see!!!!!!

Gotta go help Laiken with her homework, she's having math and geometry issues. She's 8. Here's one of her worksheets:

I don't mind helping her, it's my job;) But, I think sometimes homework she gets is just a little too hard. Maybe it's just me! Who knows?

Good night!!


The Mama said...

I LOVED Intelligender. It was definitely fun to do just to try! I too had to email them about my results. Mine was right with my daughter, so maybe.... :)

Hope y'all get to bed at an earlier time tonight!

Nancy said...

I have never seen that boy/girl test before!
How neat!

Courtney said...

GEOMETRY?? I don't remember Carson doing that last year...hhmmm....and I haven't seen it yet this year. I hope I don't!!

Hillary said...

Intellegender is soo much fun to do! Personally both times I used it for Caroline and then this baby it was right both times. I have known 2 people though whose were both wrong :(. I can't wait to find out the real results!!

Yeah for Cubscouts! We love it! Graham is finally a Webolo and it just has kept getting better year after year.

I was laughing at that homework of L's . Just last week I had to google a math term of Grahams just so I could help him :).


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