The good stuff

This morning we went to the OB for my appt and it went great! Blood pressure was 118/68 (hallelujah!), urine was clear, and I didn't gain any weight!!! Baby's heartbeat is 148, which last time it was 170ish I believe.

The only bad side is my cold is awful, I'm stuffy, my head is pounding, my nose is runny, I just feel AWFUL! Dr. J told me take cold medicine. The benadryl sure didn't help last night. Didnt even get sleepy..just felt horrible.

I think it may have hit me there is a real live baby in there and there is a great chance that it will be born alive..it's sort of surreal but so exciting! I think Scotty filmed the Doppler, I'll check and I may post the video later.

The big exciting news is that I find out what this baby is on November 8th, which is the day before Ryan's birthday. It will be bittersweet, but I'm so excited!! We are having a gender reveal party that night so I'm soo excited about that!

OK, so someone did guess my name right! Alyssa, you got it right!

If we have another baby girl, her name will be:
( and I've already read the negative comments online about the name, so if you hate it, shhh)

Happy Tuesday!!!


Hillary said...

Oh I love that name! If I didn't feel compelled to stick with "G" names then Sawyer was on my list!!

I can't wait to hear all about the upcoming ultrasound, it's super soon! I'm glad that it will be so close to Ryan's birthday, you'll need something special going on to help get through the day.

Lots of love! xoxox

Megan said...

I love the name. I am especially partial to her middle name. "Bliss." And don't you just LOVE how people always want to voice opinions on baby names. I've been told many times, that "Davis" is a terrible name for our baby boy. All that matters is YOU guys love it! :)

Cannot wait to hear the unveiling! <3

Katie said...

What a sweet perfect name! I'm so happy for you, Ashley and thankful everything went well at your appointment.

I'm so sorry you feel yucky. I had that last week and after a steroid shot I was back to myself. I will pray for a quick recovery. I know it's so hard when you don't feel well.

Can't wait to see what you are having. ; )

Jennifer Vanzant said...

Everything is looking good!! November 8th will come by so slow!!... Believe me it felt like the day we found out what we were having took forever because I was so ready!! Glad your doc appointment went well:-)

FrouFrouBritches said...

I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. Bless your heart. I hope you sleep better tonight.

Okay, Sawyer never crossed my mind. I LOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!! Precious!

Nancy said...

I was way off! :) I love the name you have chosen! PRECIOUS!

Allysa said...

I knew it! Yay!! I love that name. I can't wait til you guys find out the gender :)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."