We're not the Brady bunch.

Today is parent teacher conferences and so no school for kiddos. We decided to take kids to lunch @ Burger King (blech) for a treat.

If you have a daughter and think she's dramatic, I'm willing to bet ya my 7 year old son can hands down top any girls dramatics. Every day is a struggle with getting dressed. He hates "fat" clothes (baggy) and refuses to wear everything I give him. He would live in athletic shorts all year round if id let him. He screamed while we were getting ready because he wanted to wear shorts and no socks. It was too cold. He never wants to wear socks or underwear. If I do send him to school with them on, they are in his backpack when I pick him up.

Today was a battle. After we all got in the car, I'm thinking we are all nuts. Camden's crying because he hates his socks and they're stupid. Laiken's whining because Cade touched her. Cam takes his shoes and socks off. Daddy pulls over to make him put them back on. I'm burning up. My husband is freezing because he has no circulation in his feet (just a side effect of his illness) and he wants heat on his feet. I'm unsympathetic because I have an internal heater (hormones) making me sweat. Our car rides are rather dramatic.

We managed to have a peaceful lunch at Burger king..did I mention to tell you how much I LOVE BK? Haha..

We went and rewarded our so sweet children (boys) with new not so cheap Under Armour hoodies because Camden really wanted one. And he was SO good this morning he deserved it. Because we are always perfect parents.

We went to our first conference (Cade's) and we are at home waiting to go to Laiken's. We also have football practice tonight. Fun times.

I am not June Cleaver, although today I am wearing a cardigan and pearls. Maybe it makes me look like a more serious mom at conferences. They don't know I yell sometimes at my perfect kids and I have a sinkful of dishes. (wink).

Kids were all asleep in the back and I caught this:

Laiken sleeping on Cade. Even though she says we should send him away on a daily basis. See? They do love each other. Makes my heart skip a beat. Because I wouldn't trade these three for ten million bucks. They're imperfectly perfect.

This house is full of chaos and craziness, but love. June Cleaver wouldn't like it here, but it works for me. Plus I have self-help books like "how to raise kids you want to keep"..;)

Ok, I'm off. Gotta go to another conference. ;)


Hillary said...

Love it! This is why I love your blog Ashley, you tell it like it really is!

My MIL once gave me a book titled "How to Raise Kids Who Mind Without Loosing Yours". Um, yeah, we are beyond self help books over here... :)


Nancy said...

Love this post!!
One day they will be all grown up & we will forget all of the craziness I bet! At least we have our blogs to remind us :)

Melody said...

I don't know how you do it! I would seriously go nuts. I'm freaking about having TWO!

The Mama said...

We are no Brady Bunch either, and I think most days June Cleaver would faint if she walked into my house. We yell at my house, we bicker, my dishes aren't done, and it works just fine for us. I may want it to be a bit different, but it works for us for right now!

Hope the conferences went well girl. Loved what you said about a cardigan and pearls, lol!!!

And that picture of the kids sleeping is tooo toooo sweet. LOVE sleeping kiddo pictures, esp when they are being sweet to each other!

Jay and Kristen said...

This morning I yelled at Jayci before school and I felt so bad. I actually went to her school with no make-up, pulled her out of class, and appoligized. I hate having bad starts to our day. I just am glad she is only in kindergarten and isn't embarresed by my yet. ;)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."