Baby namin (for fun)

So, I mentioned before our girl name is a boy name. I'll give you some hints, and maybe you can figure it out? If you know me and already know, skip the guessing, haha!
*One Tree Hill
*a Disney movie has a female character that is named this name..it's an animal character.
*Fern Michaels has a novel series and the main female character has this name..
And if it's a girl, her middle name starts with a B and has 5 letters.

Help us choose. Or give us another name. Scotty likes Cohen and I like Beckett. I'm loving Beckett Gray. Opinions? We have plenty of time to decide, but it's loads of fun for me. I love baby names.

And just for kicks, I'm totally loving this room:

Happy Saturday to all!!

P.S. Woo Pig Sooie!!!


Emily & Drew said...

Hmm...this is hard! Is it Quinn? I guess that was originally a boy's name, but I love it for a girl! You have to tell us soon! :-)

I also love Beckett and Cohen. You guys choose great names! I've already told Drew that if our next baby is a boy I want to name him Beckett.

Courtney said...

okay with one tree hill, my guess is Peyton. but
I can't think of a disney movie with a peyton...so I may be wrong...

Hillary said...

Oh my goodness, I swear that I've heard you say the girls name before and now I can't remember it!!

I love love love that room though! That would be so fun and trendy for either a boy or girl (but I'm still betting its a girl!)


Melody said...

I can't believe the hogs pulled that game out and OH MY I cannot believe Texas Tech beat OU! I mean O WHO? HAHA! My husband was SO excited, lol. I already know your girl name and I like it a lot. I like Beckett better than Cohen but I like them both.

Nancy said...

Isn't it fun to pick out a name!?! I love that, too!!
That nursery is precious! You have good taste!!

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