Weekend and some more baby namin'

Yesterday after Cade's football game, we came home and just relaxed. I made homemade vegetable beef soup and corn muffins for dinner..so yummy. I won't eat anyone else's soup except for my own. I think mine's really good..

This morning we went to church and it was my Sunday in the nursery and I only had two babies but geez I forgot how hard it is to have a screaming infant and a screaming one year old at the same time. ;) I survived.

We went to eat and came home to carve pumpkins. I've been putting it off..

Then I made CCC's. My favorite!!!
Nothing better than a hot gooey cookie with some cold milk...

I have been looking through the kids baby pictures and trying to find some to frame. I have sooo many pictures that need to be framed. I just love this one. I put it on my mantle. I don't care that he's almost ten..it's still so precious to me!! This is Cade at 11 months. I was very pregnant with Laiken and I still remember this day we had these pictures made.

I wish I could kiss that sweet baby face one more time!!!!

Ok, I am going to continue with the baby naming game. Please guess, its loads of fun. HA!!! Noone has guessed right! Have you ever googled a potential name you liked and read all the negative comments about it? Well, I researched our girl name and found lots of negative and lots of positives. I am going to post some of them below. I was going to post the first letter, but they may be too easy...so the SECOND letter is A and it is a two syllable name. You can read the post below for more hints. ;)
(I got all these comments off a baby naming site)

I think it can go both ways, I absolutely love {name}. I wanted to use it so bad for our daughter, but it didn't work with our last name.

I actually knew a girl named {name} in high school, and I always thought it was pretty.

I think its a very pretty name, it makes me think of an athletic popular girl.

I love {name}. It's really cute. I actually know a girl named {name} so it's not just a boy's name.

I think {name} is a beautiful girl name, but PLEASE don't use it on your sons, it sounds very blah.

{name} would be a really cool name for a girl.

I like this name, but only for boys. Definitely not a girl's name. Might as well name a girl Roger.

The name sounds very pretentious and surname-y, but with its rising popularity, instead of being the name of boys in boarding schools who come from elitist families, this is going to sound more like the name of spoiled *middle class* boys who are obnoxious brats in elementary school, middle school, and high school, and, well, obnoxious frat boys in college. Sigh. I don't like the sound of this name much, and it's better as a surname.

Definitely a BOY name. On a girl it seems to be trying way too hard. I do not understand the boy names on girls trend. Seem like it undoes a lot of the work feminists accomplished, why hide behind a boy name because you think it sounds "strong", feminine names are strong too.

I think girls deserve pretty names. Why in the world would someone name their daughter this? It's a wonderful boys name.

Obviously, the negative comments don't bother me. I still like it. But I truthfully know a few lil boys with this name, and I prefer it for a girl. But that's just me. I like different names...

Ok, that's all for now...more hints later. I may give up the first letter soon if noone guesses right..;) We may not even get to use this name, we may have us a little baby boy but it's still fun for me.


Sally said...

My guess...Davis?? I like your hints, even though I am still stumped. LOL!

Nancy said...

I'm working on little sleep right now, but is it Bambi!?
Love your blog!!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Jackson? Harper? Hanson? Does it end with "son"? I love names that end in "son". Sounds like old money to me. Harrison - oh wait - that's 3 syllables. I give!

Allysa said...

Sawyer? My other guess was Davis but someone guessed that! I have no clue about the middle name. Can't wait to hear what they are :)

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