Weather, baby stuff

Today was a perfect rainy, overcast, cold, fall day. And I have no umbrella. So I stepped out in style..

What's better than a trash sack aka a plastic turban? I know, right. I may have started a new trend.

I was really really craving back yard burgers chili cheese fries today and so my hubby took me and oh they were soooo good!!

This was like the high here today. I love colder weather!!

Since I haven't done my pregnancy post, here's my fat belly shot!!

I has seriously been rained on and I look awful, but really, who cares??

I bought a baby something today. I figure if I can't use it, I'll give it away. But I pray that I will be able to...;) A friend was selling all her baby (girl) stuff and gave me a great deal on this:

Yes, it's pink. My husband wasn't thrilled with my pink purchases, he insists this is a boy. I mean, because he's the pregnant one and all. But he went along with it...and hey, boys look good in pink. At least I think so!! I also have a sackful of pink baby clothes but I can also give those away easy too lol..

People are asking me my baby names alot now and I told a lady at church our girl name and she said it was awful. But what does she know? (she's really old). If you don't know it, it's a boy name. The boy name is hard bc Scotty and I disagree. But for middle names I like Gray and we may use James, after Scotty's best friend who passed away in March. I like one first name and he likes another. Suggestions are welcome!!! Please?? My girl name is set in stone but feel free to guess IF you don't know it;) Again, It is a boy name.

Im off to prepare a feast for my crew. (really, just spaghetti).


Priscilla said...

Just remember, it's not pink...it's just REALLY light red. ;) Samuel uses a pink bouncer that I had bought for our daughter, Olivia.

I have no idea what name you chose for a girl, but would love to know! It amazes me when I hear of people being so blatantly rude with their comments. Ugh.

Enjoy that cool weather and send some our way! It was almost 90 yesterday -- not my idea of fun. :)

Summer said...

I'm so startin' the plastic bag turban trend with u lol...we could get on QVC and make millions....hahahaha u r so pretty it actually looks cute on u ha! What a cute little baby bump you have, I'm with u I am thinkin' girl! I can't wait til ya'll find out! When will u find out? Let me know...I think I know the name if its a girl don't I? LOL...i love the middle names

Jay and Kristen said...

Korbyn sits in a purple bumbo just about every day. Hopefully we are not tramatizing him for later. HA I also put him in baby legwarmers (insert gasp)! Anyway, I have no idea on names. Korbyn was the only boy name we could agree on. And girl name we had Mia Elizabeth picked out. By the way love the plastic turbon. Very stylish.

The Mama said...

I love your baby girl name. Pooh on the lady who said it was awful, I can guarantee you didn't ask her opinion?!?! Ugh, people who weigh in on baby names drives me nuts!

I love baby names. I love Brendan or Brennon for a boy.

I took a picture of the temp on my yukon today too. It was sooo nice!!

Melody said...

Yeah, I can't believe people are so rude when you tell them your kids name. My mother-in-law went NUTS when we told her we were considering Ainsley. She said she would NOT call her that. It really made me mad. I think I do know what your girl name is now that I think about it. And, I like it too. But we chose an A name and I facebook'ed you :)

Hillary said...

Thats too stinkin' funny about the plastic turban! I'm loving it! And, what a super cute baby bump you are rockin!

Gah, don't you hate it when people talk crap about your baby names! With my first two I would tell people the names on our "list" but I would get soo tired of all the negative comments over this one and that one. Finally with Griffin we just told everyone we had no ideas at all just to spare ourselves the drama.

I'm thinking that it's going to be another little girl. You have to even your crew out!


Mrs. Monty said...

I can't believe someone straight out told you they didn't like the name!! Most people don't really like the names my husband and I have been talking about! And I loooooooove boy names for girls!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I've been thinking about you all week and have been meaning to email you. You look soooo cute!!!

I love boys in pink, by the way! So, for a girl...Dalton, Devin? I'll have to keep thinking about it. So, what boy's name do you like? Is it a secret?

Are you finding out if it's a boy or a girl?

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."