Weather and toes

I'm really behind on my pregnancy update..I'll probably just do last weeks and this weeks together. I just haven't felt like doing a video;) 16 weeks and still really sick! I am starting to feel a lil squirming in my belly and I love that.

Can I tell y'all how ready I am for fall?? This weekend in Arkansas we set record heat for October. Yuck..I am looking forward to cooler weather!! Today was hot but tomorrow looks like this:

I'm loving this forecast!! I don't even mind the rain tomorrow because we soo need it! Loving highs in the 60's.

Just because Camden is my funniest kid..

This is what happens when you have an older sister who is the lonely only girl. Uses her poor baby brother to bedazzle his piggies.

I am SO proud of Camden. Most of you know we held him back this year in school and today, he brought home his first great report card!! Brought tears to my eyes!!;) I need to do a whole post on Camden-isms soon so I can remember. He keeps me laughing! My poor mother was mortified that I told people he ate his feet. She couldn't believe I told people. He is trying very hard not to do it because his feet hurt..anyways, that's another story..

Happy Monday!


Hillary said...

Yay for a squimy belly! I can't wait to hear more about you and the bambino! Any thoughts or premonitions as to if you think this one is a boy or a girl?

I love those toes! Grady always begs to have his painted when I am doing mine... :)

I'm so proud of Camden for getting a great report card! Graham was held back in 1st grade to I know how much it means to get those good report cards as opposed to the "iffy" ones.

Lots of love and hope ya'lls week is going well!


Melody said...

Last night we sat with our windows open (they've been open for over a month since the air conditioner is broken) anyway, Zach said "aren't you cold"? He was all wrapped up and it was about 67 degrees in the house. UH NO! Little radiator in my belly, remember? I'm SO glad it's cooling off. FOr myself, and for our electric bill, lol.

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."