Monday Randoms

First, yesterday Razorback nation lost one of it's players. Garrett Uekman died one day after taking the field here in Little Rock, the same field he played on in high school while playing for Catholic High. So sad. Praying for his family. He was so young.

Yesterday our Hogs became #3 in the nation!!!!!!! Woo pig Sooie!!! So proud of the Razorbacks!!!

Last night here in Central Arkansas it started flooding! It rained all night and it is still pouring. Our road in front of my house is starting to really rise. South Arkansas desperately needs rain and we have excess!!

Have you ever wished you could just have one more holiday as a child? I really miss our old traditions and especially Thanksgiving. I'm used to my parents being divorced, but even at my age it still really stinks, especially at holidays. My parents didn't get divorced until I was 18 or 19 so it's been hard to get used to as an adult with kids. OK, enough of that.

I'm really looking forward to eating chicken and dressing but also really not wanting to cook this year! I LOVE to cook, but just not really feeling up to cooking. Just want to eat, ha! We are having a church potluck service on Tuesday so I have to make something for that too.

While watching the Hog game with Laiken on Saturday, Sawyer was going nuts!! Laiken is the first person to have felt her kick and she kicked Laiken's hand hard! Laiken almost cried, it was SO sweet! She said "can we please get her out now?"

My laundry is out of control. Seriously. It is ridiculous. Must get this under control before Thursday!!!

Last night, I got a Facebook message from this girl I know who is pregnant. She was telling me how she was trying to be all name Savvy when naming her baby and what a coincidence because she's going to name her baby Sawyer too....Sawyer for a girl just isn't that common!

I have a prenatal appt tomorrow and I'm so excited!!!

I'm off to brave the rain..gotta get groceries!!

Oh, here are a few pics of Sawyer Bliss. Dont think I shared them yet;)
Her face


One of her legs

Her arms and hands

Happy Monday!!


Summer said...

how sad bout the arkansas player, prayers going up for his family. How sweet Sawyer kicked Laiken and she almost cried...I bet Sawyer was going wild cause she was learning how to call those hogs lol. So ya'll eat chicken instead of turkey for turkey day? I know peeps who do cause they don't like turkey...can't wait to watch the macy parade with miss Kelcee. What a cutie little girl you have a growin in your belly


Hillary said...

Oh how I loved looking at those ultrasound pictures! I miss those days! I'm so glad that Laiken got to feel Sawyer kick! I loved sharing that part of pregnancy with my other kiddos.

Take it easy on yourself this Thanksgiving!


The Mama said...

She is just beautiful!! I can't wait to see her sweet face!

So sad about Garrett isn't it? So so sad. I keep thinking about how young he was...

Hope you have a wonderful wonderful Thanksgiving week!!!

Jennifer Vanzant said...

I hate that for his family and for the arkansas football team.. He will be missed! Congrats on moving up in the poll!! Y'all might just be playing us for the national title depending on how this weekend goes;-) roll tide!! Don't worry about cooking or laundry ... Just relax and take it easy!! Have a great thanksgiving:-)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."