I've seen lots of FB posts and blog posts with daily thanks, but I just decided to wait until Thanksgiving.
1. I'm thankful for my salvation.
2. I'm thankful for my church. I go to a small, southern church. It's the oldest Baptist church west of the Mississippi. Love the sense of family and knowing there's a whole other family there!!
3. I'm thankful for my husband. You know the song "unanswered prayers" by Garth Brooks? That's how I feel. I had my life planned out pretty young and planned on spending my life with someone else. Thankfully God had other plans for me. ;)
4. Thankful for Scotty's health!! He is doing so well and I am so thankful. Spending thanksgiving in a hospital gave me a whole new perspective..
5. thankful for these three blessings I have running around my house. God blessed me abundantly with these amazing kids and sometimes I think I take them for granted. Life is precious.
6. Crazy as it sounds, but I'm thankful that I've experienced pain like from pregnancy loss. I wish it hadn't happened to me twice, but I'm thankful for the compassion, the friends, and the support I've gained. I've gained so much more compassion for others.
7. Im so very thankful that God has given me the opportunity to have a new precious daughter. I can't wait to meet Sawyer Bliss!!!
8. I'm thankful for modern medicine and doctors who care. I love my new OB. I'm also thankful for the medicine side of it, because without it, who knows where Scotty would be?
9. I'm thankful for my parents. I grew up with a great childhood and memories and experiences. I wish divorce had never happened, but I'm thankful for them, their health, and their continued love for me.
10. I'm thankful I grew up with two sets of grandparents. I still have three living grandparents. My grandparents are AMAZING with my kids. They are so helpful.
11. I'm thankful for my Nana Great, my great grandmother. She died when I was 17 but she was amazing and I loved her so much.
12. I'm thankful for the roof over my head.
13. I'm thankful I have a comfy place to sleep and warm covers.
14. I'm thankful for modern things I take for granted..dishwasher, washing machine, hairdryer, etc...
15. My DVR has been life changing.
16. I heart my iPhone. But if I had to live without it, I could;)
17. Makeup, hair straightener, hair products...
18. Thankful I have my sight and hearing. I think we take these things for granted alot..
19. Thankful for the country in which I live.
20. Thankful I was born in the South. Wouldn't change it;)
21. I'm very thankful for college football and the SEC.
22. I love our Razorbacks and I'm so thankful we've made it to #3!! we are football crazy around here!!
23. Thankful for Sonic drinks. Love my vanilla diet cokes, and lately Arnold palmers.
24. Thankful that tomorrow I will have an amazing meal to eat while so many are so hungry.
25. My list could go on for days..

I wish you and all your families the best Thanksgiving ever!!

Much Love,


Nancy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Thankful I found your blog!
Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Hillary said...

Love your list of thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


The Mama said...

Happy Thanksgiving friend!!!! Thankful for you and our friendship over this past year!!! Love your list of thankfulness!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."