I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I enjoyed the kids being out of school. Getting back into routine is always hard after a few days off, though. Wednesday night we took the kids to the courthouse to see the lights. We have such a pretty courthouse!!

Kids staring at the nativity scene

On Thanksgiving, my mom came over so it was just us this year. My grandparents were traveling. We still had a ton of food!!
{I have a slight obsession with canned cranberry sauce}

On that evening, we went and visited my mother in law and went by my Dads house. I really really wanted to black Friday shop. We dropped kids off at my mother in laws and went to WalMart. It was insane!!
This was the calm before the storm!! Waiting on them to cut open the goods!

Here's our Walmart loot..

Then, I decided Starbucks and Target would be great. So we drove over there and my husband refused to go in the madhouse with me! The lines were crazy! We just picked up kids and headed home. Glad we did anyways because Laiken was burning up with fever when we got there! She has been sick all weekend and running fever and feeling very bad. Almost flulike. I have now not left my house since we got home Thursday night and I've got cabin fever!! Hoping she is well enough to go to school tomorrow. I need out of here!! Planning on doing some shopping tomorrow. We are low on food around here (other than leftovers!) and I'm sick of thanksgiving food! I'm overly picky about what I eat these days and last night I may have cried real tears because I was hungry and we had nothing I wanted to eat...and then I felt terrible because in reality we have a ton of food and so many people would love to have food in their fridge. I think I just am overemotional:) Pregnancy can do that;)
I'm loving the cold weather outside!! Feels like the holidays and I love it! I love bundling up and going out!
Happy Monday!


Hillary said...

What beautiful lights at the courthouse! That is one of our most favorite things to do, drive around and look at lights. I hear you about food too! I still tear up (and with no pregnancy to blame :) when there is no food around that sounds good to me at the time!


Nancy said...

You are so brave shopping when you did! I love that you felt good & had energy to do that!
The courthouse is beautiful!
Hoping your little one is better for tomorrow!

Jay and Kristen said...

I love our courthouse too. I didn't know it was already lit up. Anyway, I remember when I was pregnant with Jayci, I was only 21 and still very selfish, I cried and cried because I craved Chinease food. I would even call my mom and she would send me money to go get some. HA. It's definitley hormones. Hope Laiken is feeling better!

Melody said...

Wow, that is quite the courthouse. I HATE anything cranberry, YUCK! I know a lot of people who love that canned stuff. :) The last 2 years Zach and I have made a cranberry relish with real cranberries boiled in apple juice, smashed up and with orange slices. It also takes about a cup of sugar. I did taste it to make sure it wasn't too tart and it was "ok" but it was not awesome though his family thinks he's some master chef now (roll eyes) :) We have done no shopping (except for the girl) so I MUST get on that!

The Mama said...

Love the lights!!! The cold weather is awesome isn't it???

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."