22 weeks

I'm 22 weeks pregnant!! Yay!!!!!!!
More than halfway done. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself in case I have to have the csection..but if so it will be about 4 weeks early. I'll wait and see what the peri says.;) Today we went shopping for baby stuff and a few maternity items. I got cute new jeans at Old Navy. I needed some maternity skinny jeans so I could wear my boots!

I am worn out!! We went to babies r us and ate lunch at PF changs. We got clothes, diapers, and a carseat. Found this whole pack of socks for $4!!

Here's my belly shot. I had just got home, pulled my hair up and look very nasty. Please excuse that part!

Getting big!!! I am so exhausted, I feel like crashing!!
Just made kids taco salad for dinner, that's their fave.
My husband picked these up AR grocery store..anyone tried them? Hoping they taste like taco bueno chips;)

This was my fave Koolaid as a kid!! Ive been craving it, so I got some and made it with Splenda.

Please don't send my dirty messages about drinking artificial sweetners, either!;) It seriously takes me back to our old kitchen..so good!!

I'll share our baby buys later! I'm about to crash!!;))


Kristy said...

Oh! You are adorable! I love prego bellies!!! :)

Allison said...

Your little bump is adorable!

The Mama said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! Love your finds, and yay for being more than halfway there!!! Love the skinny jeans too :)

Kim said...

You look fantastic! Yay for 22 weeks!!!

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