Sick and meals

I've been lacking in the blogging. I have a sick girl!! She got sick on Thanksgiving and has been sick ever since. Today we found out she has pneumonia.

The poor baby is coughing every second! It kills me:( The antibiotics she got for her lungs made her violently sick. She hasn't really eaten in a few days so it probably was hard on her empty tummy. I hate when they feel so bad!

I started a meal plan to save money and have simple dinners. We love or I love to eat out when I'm pregnant. ;)
Our first meal was chef's salad.

Tonight we had the good ole taco soup. I put sour cream and jalapeños on mine, because you know I'll be up with heartburn anyways..

Tomorrow is Crockpot BBQ chicken sandwiches, and Sunday is Roast with apples.

I'll let y'all know how long I stick with it, ha! I'm gonna try hard!

Tomorrow is my anniversary. My hubby is going hunting. Gotta love em!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Hillary said...

I hope that Laiken feels better soon! Y'all have a fun weekend (minus the sick kiddo and being a hunting widow :)


Nancy said...

Bless her heart! I hope tomorrow she feels so much better.
Is that pickled okra I see next to that salad!!?? YUMMY!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."