My hubby went to the deer camp today. Here in the South we become "deer widows"....
Anyhow, I wanted to get out of the house today so I decided to go hang out with my grandparents. Memaw and I decided to do a little shopping, but my brother called and wanted us all to come eat lunch and sit in his section at Cheddar's. So my grandpa took me and Memaw.

I love Cheddar's and am so glad we got one in Little Rock now. Good food at great prices..my brother is a waiter there. I like the World Class Chicken sandwich with fries and ranch for lunch. I drank three strawberry lemonades! Sawyer liked it;)

After lunch, we ran to Target and picked up a few baby things for Sawyer Bliss!!

I am still in shock I'm having a baby girl!!!

My other lil princess was crying as soon as she got in the car after school. She just cried and cried..after we got home she told me she didn't get a part in the school Christmas play and she was so hoping she did. Her best friend did and she didn't. It's so hard to see your kids so heartbroken, especially when I know it's the first of many heartbreaks for my sweet, sensitive little girl.

And here's a picture of Izzy just because it's cute!!

She is so sweet! So glad Scotty decided we could have her. I may or may not have heard him calling her "daddy's little girl" and "princess"..

Since he's gone this weekend, the kids and I are just going to stay home and watch movies and football until church Sunday;) love relaxing weekends at home!!

Happy weekend!!


The Price Family! said...

A deer hunting widow here!!! :)lol

Megan said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. (Minus the Christmas play tears, poor dear.)

I am so happy that you got to sink your heart into some precious clothes for Miss. Sawyer. <3

Kim said...

Sounds like you had fun shopping!:) Poor Laiken:( I'm sure that was rough for you. Glad all is going well:)

Rebekah said...

Congrats on a little girl! You will love having a little sweetie in your life! Oh they are so fun!!! ooohhhhh, I love Cheddar's too. We used to eat there lots when we lived in Texas.

FrouFrouBritches said...

I am so behind!!! You got the puppy!! Soooo cute!! I know you are so excited about baby Sawyer!!! And, where is Cheddar's??

I am so sorry for your little girl, and you for having to watch her heartbreak. It is such a helpless feeling, isn't it?

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."