Weekend stuff

I've written about 4 posts this weekend and I've deleted them. I keep thinking every day since last Thursday that a year ago today that I was in the hospital..it's so surreal. I can't believe I was there so long. Seems like yesterday.

This weekend was a rough one;) I have had more heartburn, nausea, and stomach issues this pregnancy than in my whole life( ok, total exaggeration) but everytime I eat, I'm miserable!!

Saturday I felt OK so I took the kids shopping and out for a fun day but by Saturday night, I was miserable again. My hubby was gone with Caden for the weekend for the youth hunt. Caden did kill his first deer!!

He was so proud!!

Oh, in other news, my dad won a car! Who actually wins cars? Congrats Dad;) I thought it was pretty cool. He won a brand new GMC Terrain.

I wish I would have gone to watch him win it!

This morning before church, I took my picture and realized my stomach is huge.

And after church, I ate one of my favorite meals ever...which in turn made me sick all day!

Little Miss Izzy. She is not as sweet as Bella was, but I still love her! She is a mess! I don't think she weighs a full pound but she is a feisty thing!!

She is so tiny! Why do babies and puppies always look so much bigger in pictures?

I'm off to bed...hope you all had a great weekend!


Megan said...

Yay Caden on the deer!

YAY DAD ON THE NEW CAR! {I'm slightly green with envy tonight, yeah who REALLY win's cars?!}

Your BELLY is just about the cutest thing, and I'm getting my vote in for baby girl! ;)

Your, what looks like outback steakhouse, made me hungry and even greener... ;)


Nancy said...

Cute as can be!!
That meal looks SOOO delish. I've never seen mashed potatoes look so good.
How on earth did he win that car? I'm amazed!!

The Mama said...

You are not huge, you look GREAT!

Go Caden! Great job!

And your dad - like you said, who actually wins a car? That's awesome!

Hope you feel better this week! When is the big u/s??

Hillary said...

oh my gosh, you will have to tell us how your dad won that car. That is amazing!!

Love that deer picture! Graham and Bobby got a little cull buck this past weekened too but Graham didn't get to do the shooting himself.

Your baby bump is nothing but absolutely adorable!!


Rebekah said...

How in the heck did your dad win a car?!?! That is awesome! And you look presh! Love the baby belly!!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."