20 weeks!!

What happened to my videos?? Time!! I must try to do a few more..just to have;)

What's been going on...
I'm now 20 weeks, growing huger by the minute. I look like I did when I was 30 weeks pregnant with the others..baby GIRL Sawyer weighed 9 oz at the gender ultrasound last Tuesday. I'm looking forward to the appt with the perinatologist on Dec 20th, because I know I'll get a better ultrasound..I walked away from the last one with lots of pics, but of leg bones and the head, etc..no shots of baby girl face. My tech was a Scrooge.
I've been craving lots of spicy stuff. This was my lunch yesterday:

Boneless wings! Yum! I've also become addicted to pepper sauce..The Texas Pete kind..

I've also had random cravings for apple juice with cheddar crackers to dip into it (I know!)
Fruit, cheeseburgers, fries with homemade ranch, taco bell..
The last two or three days I've thrown up in the morning!! Still!
I always have clear skin. Uh, not so much now. Melasma and a red rash..

I have brown spots and the rash is red. Had it the whole time I was pregnant with Laiken. I got some new makeup today and covered this mess up. I just felt like I needed something different. I got some new primer and darker makeup because I felt ghostlike.

I took a pic of the same cheek. Much better, even though it's a goofy pic, ha!

I was feeling alot more movement last week but now I'm feeling more if im laying down or just ate.

I thought I wanted a yellow and black baby room, but I'm changing my mind. Any opinions on the fabrics? Which would you choose?

These are my top choices.

Right now, I'm very ready for Thanksgiving. Chicken and dressing is calling my name. No, really. I hear it!!! Seriously.

Goodnight, y'all!


Mrs. Monty said...

Wow! And I thought I had weird cravings haha! The third picture of fabrics are my favorite!!!

Nancy said...

I love the first set of fabrics!
Your makeup really looks pretty!
You are 1/2 way there! Yay!

Melody said...

YAY for 1/2 way! I was so excited to be 20 weeks and then 24 weeks. As tired of being pregnant as I am, it really is going by quickly. The girls will be here before we know it! I like the bottom picture best for fabrics.

The Mama said...

HALFWAY!!! Yay!!!!!

Oh I loveeee fabric choices. I like the 2nd set. Very girly, you can do a lot with it, I just love it! Have you looked at Amy Butler's fresh poopies in ivory fabric? I love that one. :)

I was laughing so hard at your cravings. Those are awesome. Make sure to write them down so you never forget them!

Can't wait for your next u/s!

Megan said...

Okay... You totally cannot tease other pregnant people but showing your gorgeous makeup, but leave "what brand" UNDISCOLSED! ;)

Do tell!

Megan said...


"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."