Monday not so fun day

So, Laiken has been sick since Thanksgiving. Found out last week it was pneumonia. Started antibiotic on Friday which in turn made her violently ill. She puked and puked after every dose. Her cough makes me cringe, it's pitiful. This weekend was rough! I knew there was no chance of school for her today, even after her missing all last week. So we went back to the doctor this morning and got a shot, new antibiotics, and new xrays. She's got yucky pneumonia and the Dr. was a little concerned about some abnormal spots on her lungs, so her xrays are going off to a specialist and they will call me in the morning. I'm praying hard it's nothing!!
My Memaw bought Laiken a new robe and jammies so we went to my grandparents house to wait on time to pick up boys. Laiken put on her comfy jammies and slept all afternoon.
Tonight I was supposed to go to a meeting but I'm just tired. And I haven't done anything! I'm achy and irritable. Think I'll snuggle with my beautiful sick girl instead;)
She's so miserable:(


Nancy said...

Praying for Laiken tonight!
She is beautiful in that picture .... even though she doesn't feel good!!

The Mama said...

Poor girl! I am so sorry! Praying hard for normal test results tomorrow and for her to feel better SOON!

Melody said...

That is SUPER sad! I hope it's nothing! It's so much more scary when it's your baby!

Hillary said...

Poor baby. I hope tha she starts to feel better soon! I'm praying the results come back ok too!


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