One of those days..

Whew. I'm tired!

Camden has been sick all week with croup. It is not fun listening to your child hack up their lungs all day. It kills me. He hasn't eaten, he's already tiny, he's miserable, he throws up every time he coughs and he looks awful. I'm praying he gets better soon! Sickness is getting old in this house. We will be going to the Dr. tomorrow AGAIN.

Tonight was the kids program at church and it was finger food potluck. I'm the kitchen lady (ha) so I had to go early to get drinks ready. I made cocktail weenies and puppy chow. Scotty and I left the kids with my grandparents to go early. I put the stupid cocktail weenies in my lap. Can I just say Scotty, me, and my Suburban became covered in the sauce? Everywhere! It was scalding hot, I was crying and Scotty was yelling. I'm sure that scene would be hysterical to some..my jeans, boots, shirt and hands were covered. Scotty's hands were sticky and covered. He had to drive with one hand. Needless to say, he was more upset about the burb being covered in sauce. I spent the night covered in sticky stuff. Not fun.

Sawyer has gotten in some position that is totally killing my back. She's still breech I'm pretty sure. It may not be her, just pregnancy weight related back pain. It hurts:(

We got home and my sweet less than one lb chihuahua pooped in her crate. I'm dreading cleaning that. Hubby refuses. Oh, totally forgot. Best part about tonight. Camden was coughing so hard he threw up in the sanctuary. On the carpet. I had no choice but to bring him, we had no where to leave him.

I totally realized that I promised two friends lunch at the same time at different places tomorrow. Pregnancy brain! Besides, I'm going to have to cancel on both and I feel terrible but Cam is just so sick we are going back to the Dr.

All I want to do is pull the covers over my head and sleep way late. I'm ready for Christmas break. School wears me out this time of year. Too much going on!! No rest for the weary, I suppose.

Enough mindless rambling. Goodnight!


Jay and Kristen said...

WOW! You have had a rough day/week. Feeling for you! I will say I had HORRIBLE back pain while I was pregnant. Plus I was working 12 hour shifts and that was even worse. Anyway, best thing I did was go to the chiropractor. I went to Chenal Chiropractic and saw Dr. John. He was FABULOUS. There are a couple here in town that also do pregnancy but I don't know anything about them. Good luck!

Hillary said...

You poor thing. You do have a lot going on! You are handling it like a true Momma champ though! Hang in there. Not too much longer before the kids will be out of school and then we'll both get to hear "I'm bored" all day long... :)

I'm praying that yall all get to feeling better soon and the Sub and crate get cleaned :)


Melody said...

I cannot imagine dealing with that much sick right now! Bailey has a lot of ear problems and she has been stuffy for what feels like FOREVER but Zach's mom takes care of her during the day and Bailey doesn't mind. Plus, I CANNOT handle vomit.

Amy von Oven said...

Sounds like the week I had last week. i too am looking forward to just resting and enjoying my kids over the break! Take some time for yourself....if you can find it :) Ill pray for strength and rest! :)

The Mama said...

Poor girl! I can only imagine being covered in that much sauce was miserable.

And girl...prego brain at its worst huh? So sorry Cam is still not feeling well. I hate the croup.

You said suburban, y'all get a new car? YAY!!! I LOVEEEEEE our yukon XL (which I call a suburban). I thought you had said before that you have had one before, I'm sure you LOVEEEE it! :)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."