Well. I ended up going to lunch with one friend! The other cancelled because her hot water heater blew up:( I must make sure to check from now on when I make plans. Oops.

My friend Lauren and I went to a local little cafe we like.

I had a half of a raspberry chipotle wrap, and 1/2 of a taco soup. Then we indulged in this:

This is chocolate bourbon pecan pie. Heavenly. Rich. And almost $5.00 a slice.

Camden had his Drs appt at 2, so I met Scotty to pick Cam up. Turns out he really is one sick little boy. He now has nasty pmemonia. He still won't eat. He got a shot of antibiotics and she said we would try oral for 48 hrs before she did IV antibiotics. He is 7.5 and only weighs 45 lbs, I really don't want him losing any weight:( Pray he gets better! It rains it pours!

Remember when Laiken slammed her finger in the car door? It's been awhile..well tonight while she was washing her hair, it started falling off!
She was SLIGHTLY hysterical.

Look how awful?!

Well, it's off now after some drama and tears.

Good night! I'm ready for bed!


The Mama said...

Oh girl! Bless poor Cam's heart, I know it's scary when those small small boys get sick. I am so sorry he has pneumonia. I hope he feels better soon

Laiken's finger reminded me of mine, I did that to my finger once and it did that exact thing. It was DRAMA in my house as well. Poor girl. I'll say a prayer that it heals quickly.

That pie looks like pure HEAVEN!

Hillary said...

Wished I lived much closer! I would meet up with you to eat some of that pie weekly!! :) Prayers for your kiddos and that they feel better soon.


Melody said...

OMG! Bailey weighs 68 pounds! Pretty sure Adelyn already weighs 30, lol. I hope that all of your babies are well for Christmas!

Megan said...

Oh those pictures inflict paaaaiiiiinnnn! :(

And your food pictures inflict hunger! ;)


"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."