Cam's hospital trip

Pray this child is well by Christmas!!!

Yesterday, we left him with my grandparents so we could finish some last minute shopping.

He threw up all day still because of the fluid in his lungs, antibiotics were hard on him, and he was coughing horribly still. So it was off to the hospital we went last night.
His first ever IV, he didn't cry, took it like a big boy, and was just so good!!!

He looked at it once while she was putting it in and he said "ohmygosh" and turned his head back. ;)

Chilling watching TV.

We are back home after iv fluids and antibiotics, but he's still really sick and I'm worried about him. Hopefully he will feel better soon.


Hillary said...

Poor poor baby. I'm soo sorry that hes not doing so great. I'm praying he's better by Christmas, for his sake and yours!!


Melody said...

I'm so sorry. I hope he is better soon.

The Mama said...

Poor sweet guy!! I'm so sorry girl. I am praying for him to feel better!!

Nancy said...

Bless him! Never fun when a little one has to go to the ER. I'll pray he feels much better over the weekend :)

Kim said...

Poor guy! What a trooper! I hope he is feeling better soon.

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."