Guess I better update!
Camden is doing a little better. He went to school today and shouldn't have. It was the last day and the Christmas party though:( His lungs have cleared some.
Laiken went to have her repeat chest xray today and she is still wheezy but better. Her xray will be sent off. Should know more tomm. Basically two of my kids have had severe pneumonia.

Today was perinatologist day.
Here is my perfect girl:

Look at those lips. I already want to kiss them!!
Here's a huge foot!

Belly shot from this afternoon:

So, verdict is in. I have a complete previa with 0% chance it will move. Csection is my only option. The perinatologist will see me again in a couple of weeks to make sure she is still properly growing and placenta is functioning. She is transverse(guess it doesn't matter) and she is at the top of my uterus above my belly button. The goal is to make sure I don't contract or bleed. Delivery will have to happen early to prevent this. My goal is for a healthy baby, and a healthy mommy!
Here is my placenta and cervix (sorry if this is tmi)

Oops, it's sideways. You can see the big white blob is the placenta and the bladder and cervix are labeled.

This morning at the hospital, a lady stepped out in the elevator from the bathroom and she had toilet paper hanging out her butt. I started to giggle and I was about to tell her but Scotty would nt let me. He took a pic of the poor lady and I have felt so bad about it all day...

It was so bad.:( I feel like an awful person.

Today the kids are out of school for the holidays! Yay! Got to get then well, we are gearing up for a Christmas in a cabin!;)

Here's my sweet girl. I love her so much!! Isn't she pretty?

Happy Tuesday!


Hillary said...

Yay! The kids are on the road to recovery!! And oh Lord but Sawyer is just to die for beautiful!!

Hope ya'lls weeks off is lots of fun with the kiddos!


Melody said...

I've been meaning to text you all day and I've been OOBER busy. This was our last day too. I hope you are not feeling anxiety over this placenta thing! I'm sure you and Sawyer are going to be just fine! I'm glad you know about this! Can you imagine before ultrasounds!? I hope your Christmas is SUPER GREAT. I got your card, I forgot to tell you. Your kids are CUTE :)

The Mama said...

Still praying for you my friend, and will continue to do so until your beautiful Sawyer is in your arms safe and sound.

Praying for your sweet kiddoes to feel better before Christmas. Laiken is so stinking beautiful!!

Nancy said...

Yay for getting better! So glad you have had some good news going on! I pray they will continue to get better!

Kim said...

She is precious! I hope things continue to go well for you.

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."