I'm keeping these puppies propped up tonight. Whew.

You should have seen my shoving these monsters into my boots before church this morning. I ripped my maternity spanx and I may or may not have cried. I wanted to wear a dress with leggings and could only wear boots. I had to dig for another pair and then fix my makeup because I had runny mascara. I'm glad it's not summertime because I sure don't want anyone seeing these feet. I'm not sure I have ever been this emotional before during a pregnancy or I'm sure I have but everything makes me cry. {keeping it real}. I feel like this has been the longest roller coaster ride ever and glad the end is sooner than later. I will not relax until this girl is in my arms!!!

After church. I posted this pic on FB, and someone said "wow she's gonna come out as big as her big sister"...um thanks. Yeah. I already feel like a swollen watermelon and my feet look like inflated balloons with sausage links for toes. My mom wanted me to go get a pedicure for my yucky cracking swollen feet and there.is.no.way I am letting anyone see these feet!! I'd probably just cry at the thought of someone seeing them.
Friday night, after the Globe Trotters, we went to Chick Fil A and Cade was being horrible. He was throwing fits and I swear my blood started boiling and I could feel the tears. {yeah, an almost 10 year old made me cry}. He was being ridiculous and he shoved Camden's food off the table and it hit the floor. Camden started crying and I lost it. These teenage girls were staring at us laughing probably thinking I was the craziest woman ever.
My children have their moments. They aren't perfect angels all the time!;)
Tomorrow, I have some heart testing. Please pray everything is OK. Other than the issues I already know I have;)
Good night y'all. This mama is tired!!!:)) {we just got home from church}


The Mama said...

1) That is ridiculous that someone said that to you on FB.

2) You look BEAUTIFUL!!!

3) I am so sorry your feet are so swollen.

Praying for you girl. Hope the appt tomorrow goes good and these next few weeks just fly by for you. I can't wait until sweet Sawyer is here, I know she is going to be just perfect!!!

Hillary said...

Oh your poor feet and ankles! I can totally relate... I was never one of those pregnant Mommas with regular feet or ankles. I was swollen from the knees down :(. All the more reason to have Hubby rub your feet for you!! :)

I hear you about badly behaving kiddos. Sometimes my oldest acts the youngest and it makes me flippin crazy.

Prayers for a good report from the doctor today!


Nancy said...

Praying for your tests today & hoping you have a good day.
All kids go a little nuts sometimes, I believe I've been guilty of some meltdowns, too, so don't even worry about it....those teenage girls will be there with us one day!
Keep us posted!

Melody said...

I really don't understand people who make "fat" comments to pregnant women. I mean, REALLY! Last night Bailey told me that sissy weighs 70 pounds (but she is 4 so it was kind of funny). I really know how you feel. I am 1000% miserable! I honestly don't know how I will make it another 5 weeks (or even 3). Luckily, yesterday, the swelling drastically went down in my feet and legs but this is probably b/c I was laying down ALL day and did nothing (except for that walk I took with Bailey that ended in about 2 hours worth of painful contractions)... won't be doing that again! I Hope you feel better. It is horrible to have to go through this when you should be able to enjoy being pregnant!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Bless your heart! I've been wondering how you were. So sorry you're swelled up and emotional. Just remember, this too shall pass. My seven year old makes me cry every other day and I'm not pregnant! Praying things went well with the testing!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."