Friday and Saturday

Yesterday morning, I woke up so swollen! My feet are huge. My Dr. told me to keep feet up and if BP gets any higher, go to L&D. We had big plans yesterday so I monitored my pressure and it was fine most of the day.

Laiken had an honors assembly yesterday. So proud of my sweetie!!

We had tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters so we went to that last night. The kids enjoyed it, we sat courtside and they had lots of fun. You should have seen my feet after all the walking at Verizon arena. Anyhow.

My bedroom is all painted now. It's blue!!!!

I Loooove the color and I'm so glad I went for it. After I get the house back in order, I will take pictures of all the new paint. Still have lots more to do in the house. Its awesome to have a whole house makeover..feels new and fresh;)

Today we got out and bought a new computer, I'm excited to use it! I have not blogged from my computer in forever. We got an All in one touch screen. Hope I love it;)

Hope you have all had a great weekend! I'm sitting with my feet propped up.


blessedmomto8 said...

LOVE the blue! BE CAREFUL with that swelling!

The Mama said...

Glad you have your feet propped up girl. Keep them propped and lots and lots of water!!

Sounds like a fun time! Laiken is so so so pretty!!!!

Hillary said...

Keep those feet up and that BP down lady!! :) So glad that ya'll had a fun weekend and have gotten so many things done around the house! Your bedroom looks awesome and now I'm super jealous! :)

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Nancy said...

Your room looks so cozy & relaxing! I love it! Tell us what color that is again!?! Our comforter has a funky grey/blue in it & that might just go!

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