Sawyer and stuff

I am 29 weeks pregnant with Sawyer Bliss. I can already tell you, she's gonna be a feisty sassy lil girl!;)
She weighs 2.8 lbs. She's perfect! I'm going to get the steroid shots at my next OB appt to accelerate lung maturity. She has a huge mouth. Big lips. Wonder where that curse came from?!
Weird picture, but my peri thought it was funny. He said he was giving her first ENT appt.

Where is says nose, that's her nostrils. Looking straight up into them. Odd;)
I've now gained 20 lbs. I'm ready to go on a diet. Seriously. My appetite is not helping and scotty is on a diet and eating rabbit food, running, and losing weight. Gag. She's worth it all, though. I already told y'all I craved pop tarts. Oh, and diet Sun Drop. Except it causes the worst ever heartburn!! Tums are my best friend. I'm just so ready to meet this little girl! I love her so much already my heart could burst!!!

Kitchen is done!

Please excuse the ghetto grill and Home Depot Bucket. Haven't gotten blinds back up yet;)

Its not this color green, either. Showing up funny in pictures. Oh, well. It's much brighter than the orange.

The new living room color is really growing on me. Scotty keeps telling me how clean it looks.
Yesterday, my pic of Laikens artwork for Sawyer didn't show up so here it is!
So sweet;)

Tonight on the way to church, the sky was so beautiful!!

Just love seeing Gods handiwork!!



Ashley E. said...

Aw! Sweet girl!

Hillary said...

Those us pictures are super funny! Don't you sometimes wish our moms had the chance to get our pictures like that? :) Love how the paint turned out. It's all so clean and fresh looking!


Nancy said...

Yay for everything in this post! So happy your paint work is done! I need to lose about all of 20 lbs. I keep growing & I don't like it. And I'm not even preggers!!

Melody said...

I'm craving fruit drinks (which I can't have) so I went for diet lemonade from Chick-fil-A which is SO strong I have to mix it with half water... oh well, maybe it will last longer. But, yes, heartburn CITY!

The Mama said...

Love love love the new paint colors. Love that Scotty said it looks clean looking. Ohmyword Laiken can DRAW!! That's awesome!

Praying for you to have an uneventful next few weeks and that sweet sweet Sawyer is healthy and perfect when she arrives. Grow and mature, sweet little lungs. :)

Sky was so so beautiful last night huh?

Megan said...

I cannot wait to see her pretty nostrils in person! ;) So glad things are going well for you. Before you know it she will be here safe in your arms! And your house is looking beautiful, ghetto grill and all! :D

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."