Just stuff

More random stuff. I'm boring, I know. Tomorrow I see Dr. C, my perinatologist so I will do a pregnancy update.

Paint. It's growing on me. A little.
Here's the new kitchen color. Im going to miss the orange, but it was a little dark.
{the edges still have to be "cut in"}

Kids bathroom went from brown to bright. I've had this shower curtain for a couple of years so I pulled it back out because it matched the paint so well.

Sneak peak of Sawyer's crib set. She still has no mattress so it's just thrown in the crib.

My sweet Laiken made this for her sister. She's a good little artist.

This is the living room color. We dont even use this room but it is open to the kitchen and dining areas.

Last random of the night. I'm totally craving pop tarts like crazy!!

Its sad I took a picture of my pop tart.


Hillary said...

I really like all of those paint colors! What I'm really really loving (and super jealous of... ;) is those floors!

I can't wait to see the rest of Sawyers nursery!


The Mama said...

I love the paint colors! They are great!!!

I love that you took a picture of your pop tart. LOVE!!!

Can't wait to see the rest of Sawyer's nursery!

Melody said...

I took a picture of my egg rolls, lol. Food is pretty important when pregnant! So is water! I wake up craving water and I can't get enough. Then, I get all nauseated if I drink too much on an empty stomach... I can't win! Makes no sense to have 2 pregnancies, 2 children of the same sex, and feel 2 COMPLETELY different ways. I miss my Rainbow and butterfly days while pregnant with my big girl, lol. The girl's bathroom (which Bailey doesn't actually use) is smurf blue! Supposed to be caribbean but didn't exactly turn out that way... oh well :) Can't wait to hear about your appointment today. Now, I have put it off long enough so I guess I need to go clean my desk. I'm under 40 days to meeting this baby! I'm thinking I should pack a bag in the next couple weeks!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."