Monday Randoms

Today started off early going to get my Holter monitor.

Yes, I walked around the mall like this, went to a pizza joint, blah blah. I felt very weird, haha.

Sine this morning, Miss Sawyer has been very inactive. It started to worry me. Went to OB and she had a hard time finding her HB and baby was just being so still. My heart was racing so fast she couldn't differentiate between the two so she sent me off to the hospital to be monitored. After about 5 minutes on that monitor, she came to life. The non stress test looked perfect.;) Sigh of relief!!

While I was at the Dr. I got this text from a lady at church who is the sweetest.

I just love sweet friends;)) And I love that I go to church with some awesome ones!!!

Painting is almost done. After everything is put back in place, I'll do pictures. :-) I dont love it. Almost want to change it back. Hubby would kill me if I said a word so I'll live with it. Maybe I will after all my stuff is put back.

And? I just love these boys. Camden always falls asleep on Scotty. And then Scotty goes to sleep. And then crazy mama takes pictures!!

Both sleeping with their hands on their face!!

My sweet sweet mini me.

Good night!


Hillary said...

Oh Lord girl but you and Miss Sassy Sawyer are about to drive me to drink with worry! :) Ya'll are scaring the dickens out of me!! Praying that this week goes much smoother for both of ya'll!


Nancy said...

HA! The girl above me!! Her comment is funny!
SO thankful you are ok!! I know you will be sooo much better once you have her & get to hold your girl in your arms!! Praying for you!!!

Melody said...

That is why I went to L&D too and felt like an idiot b/c as soon as I got all hooked up, Adi started going crazy! She's been active ever since but 3 days of light movement scared me to death. I did not come 33 weeks for something to happen! I hope that you and baby Sawyer stay safe! I pray that she stops scaring you! And since we tell each other EVERYTHING, lol... is there anything safe I can take for constipation? Since I'm diabetic and juice is out of the question and I really don't want something that's going to give me horrible cramps...

The Mama said...

Girl I am so sorry that it was scary yesterday. I know it is so hard. Praying for just a smooth rest of the pregnancy for you my friend.

Cracked me up about you saying that you almost want to change the paint. You and I could be best friends I can just tell. :) I've changed paint so much in this house that the hubs almost hates the word "paint", haha

Your boys are tooooo sweet laying there like that

Francis said...

It will all be ok this time. I know how scary it can be sometime when the baby is having a lazy day or your anxiety creeps up. Look up Luke 12:22, it really helped me when fear started creeping in.

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."