Think I'm gonna bring Miss Sassy home in this getup;))

How cute is this?

Love the rosettes on the booty.
{these are made by SheSheMade}

What's this you ask?

My belly. Can't see my feet. I'm HUGE. I have noticed people staring at me lately and I wonder if they know how they got here, ha!!

Went shopping all day with my Memaw and I could totally feel it by 3:00. I was hurting! After the kids got out of school, we took Caden to get his birthday present. He got a camera with a flip video. I discovered that he wants to be like Good Luck Charlie, the Disney show where the girl documented her baby sister from birth..I think he thinks he can get us all on TV. After picture 299 of my belly, I just told him if he took one more picture of me, I might scream. Camden also told me I looked like a sumo wrestler. AND, if I was going to swim this summer, I better get on The Biggest Loser. Yup, great kids;)

We went to Subway for dinner and after we ate, Scotty went to the bathroom and I took kids to car. Well, I tripped and fell while he was inside. I caught myself with my hands, twisted my ankle, landed on my side..ugh!! I was a hysterical sobbing mess! While I was laying on ground, Camden started crying and ran to find his daddy and ran out in front of car, while I'm screaming "no!" Im fine, but I just took a hot bath and am now cuddled up on the couch. Can we say I need to DE-stress??

Tomorrow is my niece's 13th bday and Cade will be 10 on Sunday so we are having a double trouble dinner tomorrow night @ a local steakhouse after my baby shower. I ordered them two separate cakes. I'll try to do a post tomorrow on my baby shower and the birthdays;)

Have a great weekend!!


Hillary said...

I'm so in love with Sawyer's new outfits! She will be one beautiful baby!

I love the belly shot too! It means she is big and healthy!!

How scary about the fall. I fell a couple of times with each of my boys and it nearly scared the crap out of me each time.

Take it easy this weekend girl!


Nancy said...

So cute! A DOUBLE TROUBLE party!! Sounds right up our alley!!
Her outfits are precious.
Hope after the party, you get to de-stress!!

Melody said...

I wish I could come to your shower :(. Yesterday, 3 people commented on how huge I am. One asked if I was sure there was only one baby! One asked if they had my due date wrong. SERIOUSLY! People are so considerate, lol. People get bellies when they are pregnant! If they didn't that would mean their babies weren't growing!

The Mama said...

I love love love Sawyer's outfits. Girlfriend is going to be the cutest little girl!!!

I don't think you are big at all. You look wonderful and your sweet daughter is growing just as she should be. You look great!!!

I am so sorry about the fall. Hope the bath helped and it's a GREAT weekend!!!

Megan said...

HAHAHA!!!! Camden's comments are hilarious! (And insensitive, but that's kids for you. My four year old reminded me daily I was too fat and needed to eat less!)

And those oufits are adorable! Can't wait for you to gobble her up in them!!

Kim said...

Oh Ashley, I haven't been on in forever, but I have been thinking about you! You look great, love the belly!! I LOVE those outfit you have for Sawyer! Adorable! I'm glad things are going well. Hang in there, not too much longer:)

Nicole said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfits AND the beautiful baby belly!!! Your kids' comments had me giggling too!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Bless your heart! So sorry about your fall, but I'm glad you are okay.

Sawyer's outfits are PRECIOUS! Cade and I share a birthday, by the way. Hope the shower went well and the party.

There is an award for you on my blog. Just want you to know that I will completely understand if you don't want to pass it on. Do not stress!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."