A lil baby shower

Ok y'all- I just havent felt like blogging! I've gotten blog lazy and use my iPhone more than I do computer. My iPhone got dropped in Sprite after my baby shower on Sat.--but, that's a whole 'nother story! Sigh. My mom took most of the baby shower pics on her camera, and I havent gotten them yet. Here are a few;)

My memaw is the dark headed one on the right- but she brought lots of her older lady friends;-)

This is Lauren. She is one of my BFF's and hair stylist.

Homemade blanket from my Memaws friend.

The sweetest lady from church made me this pink blanket. Love.

The same lady made my cake.

My mom and laiken playing with my friend Erin's baby, Luke.

Got her bow holder on the wall!

Closet is a MESS!

So much organization I need to do!! So much I need to buy!

I took my phone to the repair guy and got it back today. I was having SERIOUS iPhone withdrawals. Sad.

Tomorrow I go to my 31 week appt. Is it pathetic I get excited about these appointments?

I'll try to do an update tomorrow!!


Sarah said...

Yay for a wonderful shower! Glad you & that sweet girl were showered!! :)

blessedmomto8 said...

LOVELY SHOWER! Looks like you got spoilt! :)

Hillary said...

What a fun shower!! You Memaw is too cute looking!! She looks soo young!! I wished I lived closer, I would totally help with all the baby clothes washing and closet organization :). Can't wait to hear about the 31 week appointment. You are getting so close to meeting your sweet girl!

Melody said...

I get excited at EVERY appointment. I'm a little nervous about this one coming up since I have my first cervix check... OUCH! OH, and my strep-b test but that's not a big deal. I can't believe I will have another baby in 3 weeks!

The Mama said...

Girl looks like it was such a great shower! That's awesome!! You got so much great stuff. :)

Can't wait to hear how the appt goes!!!

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