OB and shopping

So, this morning Scotty and I went to my check up. Baby is great! This is strange to me, but I don't have gestational diabetes, my iron is great..just have another major complication;) I had anemia and diabetes with the others. Anywho, I got my first steroid shot today. Gotta go back and get another one in the morning. I also have to go meet with Dr. H, the other Dr. in the practice bc he will be assisting with my csection in case of complications.

Scotty is going to Houston on business next week so he needed some new clothes. So we went shopping afterwards. I swear, he is worse than a woman. And he costs more!! I got two $12 dresses at Ross. I'm cheap:-) He's going to be gone most of the week, my family is freaking out at me being alone out here. I'm praying for no bleeding and no contractions while he's gone!! My mom is insistent upon staying with me because I don't live close to town.

I wanted to go to US Pizza for lunch, but Scotty refused bc it's not healthy{ his diet is driving me bonkers} let's be honest, noone craves fish and steamed veggies while pregnant. I digress..anyhow! I then got a major craving for Chipotle. He refused that too after MyFitnessPal said that it was too many calories. I may have gotten a little upset. We ended up at a face sushi/hibachi place.
Adding his calories

That was his.

This was mine!!! Ha;) plus I poured yum yum sauce all over my rice. Yummo!!

He then took me to a local baby boutique. We got Sassy three gowns.

She's spoiled;) I love her so much already I could burst. I walk into her room and feel so overwhelmed with God's redeeming love.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!!


Melody said...

I'm glad your appointment went well. I'm so excited about our babies. Also, SO glad you don't have diabetes. My sugar has been in the 150s the last 2 days and I just got it back down. The doctor said she may put me on insulin if I can't keep it down. With no more than 25 days left, I CANNOT go on Insulin! It was so much easier to control when I was 25! Oh well. Love the outfits. I almost wish we needed clothes because there are so many cute things out there. But, I will take all the diapers I can get! I Hope you are ok with Scotty gone!

Kim said...

Looks like you had a fun day! Surely he could find something healthy at any place! I feel the same way about my husband, I used to buy all of his clothes and shoes and now he can barely find anything himself because he is so picky! So glad your appt went well:)

Hillary said...

Yay for a great appointment! That's so cool that you just got to roll in for your steroid shots. I had to go to the hospital for mine. Ick. I love all of Sassy's new clothes. She will be the best dressed baby ever!


Nancy said...

Your meal looks yummy. So glad you both had a good day & a good appointment. This little princess is going to be one of the best dressed babies in the south!!

Summer said...

I am so happy your appointment went so well! LOL at Scotty counting calories ha! Yum Yum sauce could that be soy? LOL You're plate looks amazing..im not sure about sushi never had it lol!! OMG how awesome of him taking you to a boutique for little miss sawyer bliss how fab...I double heart the first one...well I love them all! xoxo

The Mama said...

So glad the appt went well and so glad you don't have GD!

Praying for a very non eventful week while your hubby is gone!

Love sweetie's clothes, she is going to be so so cute!!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."