Yesterday and today

Yesterday morning, Scotty had to go to his rheumatology appt and I had to go get my 2nd shot. Y'all, I have an embarrassing story. I went to the girls bathroom at the Drs. bldg {not in the clinic} but I didn't lock the door. I felt my band aid come off my booty, and I realized I was bleeding so dumb me--pulled my pants down in front of the mirror to fix my band aid. In walked an old lady. Sigh. I was mortified, she asked me if I needed help with something and I tried to explain but I just looked dumb- just an Ashley moment.

After we were done w/ our appts, we went to Academy to get some softball stuff for Laiken, they are now back practicing. I wanted to go to Duck Duck Goose, one of our large local consignment sales, but this one was in another town so we had never been to that one. It wasnt nearly as good as the Little Rock one. Anyhow, all I got was new stuff. Sad, I know.
Burp cloth

Sweet taggy blanket.

Today I slept late. Or went back to bed after the kids went to school. My feet have had it. I think they might explode. They are HUGE.

I got a package of some clothes I ordered from a blogger a few days ago.

Cute used onesies.

I think I got 5 outfits from her. Y'all. Blog sales and FB consignment sales are ADDICTING!

We ordered Sawyer's cloth diapers today. If I were like most CD moms, I would have already been stockpiling them. Oh, well. We have decided to go with gDiapers and Charlie Banana and will add diapers as we need to.
I love this one!

I know it's not for everyone, but it's something I really really wanted to do. I have done alot of research and watched alot of videos on prepping, washing, and all the different types. I think it's worth it for the money saved and for her little tushie. Please know, my other three were not CD'd and I thought people who did it were nuts. But im excited to start and to share with you guys how it goes!!

Sawyer's first diaper bag I ordered the other day and picked it up this afternoon.

Bad picture!

After we picked the kids up, we took them to one of our local used bookstores to get some books for the kids. I love this store, it's called Books and Baubles and it's really homey and neat in our little downtown.

We went to Walmart and I bought alot of new makeup and stuff I'm sure I didn't need:-)

We took the kids out to dinner and I got a yummy yummy steak. This is why my iron is so good, ha!


But I'm huge. I shouldn't be eating steak, lol.

Now I'm home cuddled up in my PJs ready for a weekend at home. At least till Sunday church. Or softball practice tomm. It's pouring out! I love a rainy night! Especially on a Friday-movies, pjs, dessert.

Ok y'all- I have blabbed enough. Have a terrific weekend!!


The Mama said...

You are not huge, you look awesome, and it means sweet Sawyer is growing in there just as she should!!

Such a hilarious story about the bandaid. That is something I'd do for sure! So funny!!!

Nancy said...

LOVE this post. You had a great day & I'm so happy for you! That steak makes me hungry now.
Have a good restful weekend...the outfits are precious!

Melody said...

You seriously need to put a ticker on your blog so that I know how many weeks you are, lol. I can never remember what day you are another week. I love the sweet outfits you have for your baby. Adi will be in mostly wal-mart hand-me-downs, but I'm sure she doesn't care, lol. I'm ready to meet her but not yet. I have a million things to do!

Hillary said...

Oh, I am just dying looking at all that adorable little girl stuff!! I can't wait until she's here to fill it all :). And, as my Graham told me a hundred times, "You are not big, you're PREGNANT!" :)

Hope you get some rest in this weekend!


Summer said...

Girl you are not huge! You are gorgeous with a cute belly! OMG you had me at all the zebra print and hot pink! Check out the cuteness of all the goodies I love it all and the pink ruffle onsie love love!! Sawyer Bliss is gonna be the best dressed in Arkansas! Love the burp cloth and taggie blankie so presh! I love monnogrammed stuff too!! That food looks yummo! OMG you sound like me...checking my butt in the mirror and someone walking in hahahhhahhaha!! I love ya girl you crack me up! Soooo hope you have a great day and that Scotty's appointment went well


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