It's my blog and I'll

Blog what I wanna:-) even dumb, superficial stuff. First off, I was seriously bragging to someone the other day about how the women on my moms side of the family don't get gray hair, and I had never seen one on my head. Fast forward a week or so--

Yup, yup. It's gray, folks. And it was long. It had been growing out awhile. I decided now I'm going back blonde after 3 months of dark hair. Surprise, surprise. This was right around the time I got pregnant-

I was really blonde. I'm going back there. Yup, over one gray hair. So what? See ya Wednesday with new hair!

I have never seen feet as swollen as mine get at night! It's INSANE! I am blogging this even though Scotty swears it's not my feet!!

My calves, ankles, and feet all swell at the end of the day. Ridiculously huge, right? Just think Shallow Hal. :-) my feet never got this huge with my other kids! Last night I got in the floor to do my toenails and I'm pretty sure that was El Stupido bc I barely made it off the floor. I've been trying to keep my feet up as much as possible.

They look alot better if I don't stand on them all day. The above pic of the cankles creeps me out! It sooo doesn't look like my "real" feet. But I swear, it really is my feet.

I've got to go make a dish for church tomorrow. It's potluck after church. I've been procrastinating!


The Mama said...

I love your hair, I love it dark and I love it blonde, you have such pretty hair! Can't wait to see the new color.

Bless your heart with those feet. You are getting so close girl! I'm getting so excited for you!

Melody said...

It's great that you only have one gray hair with 3 kids! My sister is 27, not married, no kids and has gray! :)

Summer said...

omg is it true for every gray hair you pull out three grow back?? I just found like four grays last week pulled them out eeeeek now Imma freaked! You are so pretty you will rock any color hair girl..that's how I figured you were a hair dresser when I first met you cause you had awesome hair lol :) OK so those feet looked like mine when I had eclampsia with Kelee be careful girl if you can push down on the swelling of the foot and your finger stays imprinted for a bit it means you need to go to dr sweet cheeks...love your toe polish cute...glad your footsies are back to normal...be careful stay off of them lol I worry ha! xoo

Hillary said...

Oh your poor feel and ankles! Mine did that horribly with my older too so that I could hardly wear shoes at all! Thankfully with Griffin it wasn't too bad because I sat all day on my big butt instead :)

I can't wait to see your new hair!


Megan said...

First of all... I have to regain composure from all of the ADORABLE outfits that are making me drool! Sawyer Bliss, you are gonna be one stylish and beautiful girl, just like your big *sisterS.* And second of all... PFFT! Grey hairs? That just means you are totally doing your job right. And your squishy feet are cute and hobbit like! ;D They say that little girls do those things to momma!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Oh, girl! I had to do my roots last week. I was looking BAD! My mom's side of the family has beatiful silver hair that I hope to have SOMEDAY.....BUT NOT NOW!

Bless your heart. I remember how being swelled up feels. Not good! So sorry. Try to rest and keep your feet up while you still have an excuse!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."