Nursey and ramblings

I really feel as if I have nothing to blog about.

My Dr. did call this afternoon and say that my 24 hr urine protein level wasnt quite preeclampsia, but that it was close. We will keep a close eye on it. Next week I go to the cardiologist and perinatologist.

We started getting ready for Sawyer's nursey.

This is the paint. We are using the 2 middle colors.

The walls will be gray with a thick pink stripe. I'm trying to decide on colors for curtains, rug, etc. I'm on a budget. Suggestions?:-)
Scotty started the painting tonight.
I love these houndstooth curtains, but think I want something more girly.

Decisions, decisions...

I found this idea board and love it. Close to what I'm going for, except throw in some citrus green.

I have been feeling very tired, unmotivated, yuck, fat, tired, blah, and did I mention tired?

I'm 28 weeks pregnant which means I only have like 8 weeks left. At the most. (Dr. doesn't want to go later than 36 weeks). It's creeping up.

So, we are trying to get everything we need for this little girl. I've become totally addicted to Facebook consignment shops. I bought a whole bunch of hairbows last night from a girl for $1. I really need practical stuff, like bottles, breast pump, diapers, and more hairbows. I am having a baby shower given my my church on the 28th. Hopefully I'll get some of the practical stuff, so I can save my moolah for stuff like this:
(totally kidding, slightly)

I think I've done enough rambling for now. Talk to you all soon!!


Melody said...

Um, you must tell me about these hair bows. Where did you find them!? I can't wait until our babies are here! Wouldn't it be cool if they were born on the same day? Think your doctor will let you have a late Feb. baby?

Heather said...

Love the bedding! Definitely share where you found Thr $1bows! A girl can never have too many!! :-)

Emily said...

Love the gray and pink color scheme! If I ever have a girl our budget will be DONE FOR. ha!

Share some of your favorite FB consignment shops, please. I've never shopped through any of those before!

Hillary said...

That is going to be the CUTEST baby's room ever! You could totally be an interior decorator!


The Mama said...

I am going to LOVE Sawyer's baby room I can tell. Love the idea of throwing some citrus green in there as well. I can't wait to see it.

8 weeks is definitely going to fly by.

Nancy said...

I can't wait to see your nursery decor!
I know it will be beautiful!

Elainna said...

Can't wait till you post pictures of the nursery. It's going to be so cute.

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