Mish Mash

I'm an indecisive person, y'all. Took me forever to pick out those paint samples for Sawyer's room.

Well after the paint was on the wall, I decided it looked blue!!
I took a picture and did what any rational person would do. Consult Twitter.
Everyone said it looked it gray, but I swear it was blue.

The picture really does looks gray, but it's not. So we went to Lowe's for more paint. I found this picture online and I liked the gray and it was Lowe's paint, so I just went with it.

It's Valspar Simply Gray. He's almost done painting, so tomm we can start the pink stripe.

When I went to get the kids today, I was craving a Sonic Diet Vanilla Coke like nobody's business. I could taste it.

Today is a GORGEOUS day. I took these pics out by my house on the way home. Sometimes I despise living out in the country, but I love the scenery.

Its around 60 out and sunny, but tomorrow its supposed to be really cold. It cracks me up that I see people out wearing flipflops and shorts. Crazy! It's gonna be over 70 before I do that and not until spring!

Tomorrow I will post pics of the nursery progress, and links to some consignment shops y'all asked about.

I'm huge. I need to do a pregnancy update, it's been forever! I will try and do that soon. I feel like my face is huge. My lips are even swollen and they are already huge enough.

Well, were off. Going to eat steak with my family. My mouth is watering. :-)


Hillary said...

What beautiful scenery! You are soo lucky to live someplace so pretty!

Love the pregnancy photo. Sawyer looks like she's growing great!


The Mama said...

You look beautiful. I can't wait to see the nursery progress.

Beautiful day huh? I admit it, I was one of the crazies out in shorts the other day, but just bc I had just finished running right before going to pick up the baby from MDO. Everyone there commented on my shorts too. Haha. It's def going to be much colder tomorrow!!!

Praying for you and sweet Sawyer!

Jennifer Vanzant said...

I live out in the "woods" too and love the scenery!! I grew up in the city so I try and take advantage of all the beauty of nature down ere;) You look beautiful!! Hope you enjoyed that yummy steak!!

blessedmomto8 said...

U R SO CUTE!! Love the new paint!!

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