Baby Stuff

Thank you hubby and brother in law. Sawyer's paint is DONE! Now I can't wait to start on the rest of the room!

Use your imagination.:-) Tomorrow the whole house makeover begins with paint. I finally decided on colors and hoping I don't regret it!!!!!

My first order from a FB consignment sale came in. Just some bows and play clothes.

Like the crab on the booty;)

I'm on my iPhone, so no links..:( sorry! I've been meaning to get on the computer to blog, but walk right by. My favorite (so far) is Pink Piggy Childrens consignment. Search it on FB and you should be able to find it. Polka dot Posies has great bows for under $3. My friend Melody(can't link to her blog either) texted me the link to girlscrochetheadbands.com and they have leg warmers for 2.99!! My mom ordered her a few today.

I'm on a serious budget. 4 kids are expensive! If you have any good sites, let me know!!


Hillary said...

Squeal! I can't wait to see the final nursery pictures! I wish I could direct you to some good discount sites but boys stuff is even harder to find than girls! :)

Hope yall have a great weekend!


The Mama said...

I love all of your finds! Can't wait to see the room all put together, I just LOVEEE the paint :)

Jessica said...

The paint looks great!! I'm excited for you...oh and I love those leg warmers!

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