Today, I had plans to get up, get ready, and get the kids rooms organized and the boys merged. I was ready to get up and go get Sawyer's crib from WalMart site to store and put it together!

Got up and we started work on boys rooms. We have 5 bedrooms, but we are moving boys together so we can still have a guest room. We have too much stuff..:-) Anyhow, I had bought two cute bedding sets from Target so after Scotty got all the furniture moved, I opened them up. Got one on the bed and moved to the next one. Lo and behold, it was missing the sheets and pillowcases! I was so annoyed. So a trip to Target became necessary. As we were walking in the store, I started having contractions that HURT. We hurried and left and went to Walmart. We had plans to put all our change in the CoinStar machine and as we were standing there, I was hurting so bad! BTW, we had $70 of change in our bedroom! I was in tears by the time we got the crib. After we got in the car, I called the on call Dr. He told me I should be home in bed and drinking fluids. He made me feel stupid, but I won't get into that:-) So, I've been laying down all afternoon. Feeling better. Still having crampy feelings, but nothing like earlier. Scotty got the boys room finished.
Cade's bed. I love the basketball court rug.

Cam's bed

Their dresser and new lamp

Hopefully I will be feeling better for church tomorrow and to get cracking on Sawyer's room. All her stuff is sitting in boxes in the living room. Carseat, crib, pack and play, clothes...just ready to get it out of boxes and into her room! :-)


Hillary said...

Feel better soon girl and drink, drink, drink ;). And ack, I can't see any of the pictures that you posted! Can you try and re-do them?

Rest up some today too! xoxox

Nancy said...

I can't see them either :(
I can't believe you've gone with friends to Hedden's office! I hope one day you go back with another friend & I can meet you in person!! Wouldn't that be so neat!?

Hope you aren't contracting today & that you are feeling much better!!!

Melody said...

Girl! Be careful! However, the doctor has NOT put you on bedrest so he should not make you feel stupid! Does he know you have 3 other kids to care for?

The Mama said...

I can't see the pics either!

Fell better girl. Water, water, water. Hope you are doing better today. Praying for you and that sweet baby girl

His Doorkeeper said...

Ashley, praying for you to feel better today! Don't over do yourself and get some rest! Easier said than done, I know!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."