As for me and my house

We will call the Hogs! Woo pig Sooie!!

Tonight is the Cotton Bowl in Dallas! Wishing I was in Arlington:-( I can't travel, so I will be watching the game from my couch. And eating yummy game food. I made homemade salsa, guacamole, and we are having hot wings!

I will say all my FB and Twitter friends are making me a little jealous of all the posts from Dallas, ha! I'm sure my Twitter feed will be full of Hog posts tonight!

I am feeling a little better. Waiting on my results from blood and urine test. I'll update more on that later:-)
I got her crib bedding in yesterday!!

Here's a sneak peek:

Her crib was supposed to be here today, but it didn't make it.

And, just for fun. An afternoon video of my kiddos:)

YouTube Video

Happy Weekend!!


Hillary said...

We love the video! Grady made me restart it twice so he could "hear the kids sing". Soo cute!

Hope yall have a good weekend. Eat a ton on guac. for me!


Nancy said...

Love it! Aoooo- Where's the mayo!!!
They are so cute! Please share how you do your guacamole!
Happy weekend to you!

The Mama said...

LOVE the video! Your kids are SO great!

Love that bedding! Can't wait to see it all put together! :)

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