Baby and Mama update

Well, I havent blogged much since kids have been on break. They went to school today. Back to the grind. It's hard after they've been sleeping till 10 every day! Last night I wrote their morning schedules on the chalkboard. Hard to see, but I love it for writing them notes!!

Sorry, it's a bad iPhone pic. I never use my camera. I'm sure I will after baby girl gets here.

So I had to be at the dr early this morning. I've been feeling bad for a few days. My heart rate has been super high. I do have heart problems, and it always gets worse during pregnancy. Well my BP was 140/100. My heart rate was upper 140's this morning. I had a trace of protein in my urine, so they sent me for lab work and I will start my 24 hour urine in the morning. Praying it's just my heart making it high and not preeclampsia. The dr. put me back on beta blockers so hopefully it will slow it down. Do not want to go to hospital!!!!!!!!

We ordered Sawyer's crib and bedding, should be here on Friday. We are moving the boys in together (prob a horrible idea, ha) and we got them all new stuff for their room. We just decided it would be practical to keep our guest bedroom and use Camden's room for baby girl. I will post pics when I get it all done. Or when Scotty does:-) I'm taking it easy!


Kim said...

I hope everything settles down for you! Maybe it was just the craziness from the holidays that has you all worked up. Keep us updated!

Nancy said...

Wish we lived close, I bet you could use a prenatal massage!!
Praying for a good report!

The Mama said...

Praying for you girl. Let us know how you are doing okay??? And TAKE IT EASY! :) :)

KERRY said...

You look after yourself, go put your feet up! And how exciting the furniture arrives for the babies room!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."