Mish mash

Scotty finally came home on Saturday and I got out of prison. My Dad came over Friday night and brought pizza but he didn't stay:-) Thanks Dad! Ha. Thanks for the pizza, though!

On Saturday morning, the kids and I got up and made our fave! Waffles! I seriously heart the waffle maker.

It was so cold! We've had such a warm winter but winter sure came on Saturday!

I had agreed to do my nieces hair for her school dance on Saturday and I love doing that for her. She's 13, and I'm sure most of you that know me know the story behind her life, but long story short her mother was murdered and my brother (her dad) isn't in her life like he should be. She's just a precious girl and I love spending time with her. When she was a baby, she spent sooo much time with me. I can remember her sleeping in a bassinet next to my bed. I adored her, and still do. She's special to me.

While we were fixing her hair:-)

Miss Morgan all ready for her dance!

I told her I was sorry if her hair was too "floofy" but it was staying that way, ha:-)

Today was supposed to be a snow day. What a joke!!! It snowed and melted by like 11, followed by nasty sleet and rain. I kept the kids home anyway even though they didn't cancel school.

I caught my children playing makeover. And I mean Camden (7) was giving his older sister a makeover. He massaged her feet, did her toes, put makeup on her, fixed her hair...and I heard him tell her she was beautiful.

So sweet. I love when they get along. Usually these two get along great. Caden has a harder time getting along with his brother and sister lately, we've been working on this because it makes our days quite difficult.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! I will be spending a day at Drs appts! I have a perinatal appt and growth scan, then an appt at my regular OB with her partner since he will be assisting.

Hope everyone has a great Vday!!


KERRY said...

Hi Ashley! First up I hope you are keeping well and enjoying the last stage of your pregnancy, there mustn't be long now?
Secondly, I am so sorry to hear of that sweet girl's mum, that is so sad, however, she is very lucky to have you in her life and I am sure she looked beautiful at her dance!
It is nice to see siblings spending time with each other, I am sure the makeover was fun!!
Have a great week :)

Nancy said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
What a precious girl Morgan is! Bless her!! I don't know her story, but I am so happy she has an Aunt like you!
Have all good appointments today :)

Melody said...

I need your cake ball recipe. Zach REALLY wants some cake balls but I've been avoiding it because I can't eat them. But hopefully I won't actually be pregnant forever... :) Hope your appointments go well today. Let me know.

The Mama said...

Yesterday's weather was a joke. They cancelled Nate's school, but oh man it was a joke. Oh well. :) Nice to have a snow day at home.

Glad you are out of prison!!!!!!!!!!!

I love her hair, I think you did a great job on it. :)

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