A lil update

Pretty much my life is wrapped up in a lil girl who weighs 5lb10oz according to her last doctors appt:-) I'm so in love! She completes me in every way. Its also Spring Break, so I haven't really had time for updates. But I can share pictures and a quick update!

Loving on daddy

We rock the big bows!

Big brother loves to hold her hand!

Her stump fell off today!!!

Cloth diapering is going great. She hasn't ever had a disposable on her booty. It is much easier than I even thought. I wish I knew it was this easy with the others!
She is a champ at breastfeeding. I haven't pumped an ounce and she's never had a bottle or any supplemental formula. I'm so excited it's going so great..it was much more challenging with the other kiddos.
I'm feeling alot better-I'm not going to lie-that was rough! I was in so much pain. Tonight we got out and got snow cones. I was so excited. My crack is back. I so love love love my shaved ice.

We even went to Target, because we live on the wild side, haha! I think Sawyer Bliss liked it:-)

Happy weekend y'all!!!
Hope to be back in the blogging world soon! Trying to get caught up on reading blogs!


Kim said...

What a precious little peanut! I'm so glad to read things are going well:)

Tesha said...

She is so sweet! I am glad you are in happy baby land and hope you enjoy every minute.

My New Normal said...

She is sooooo cute!

Nancy said...

So glad you are enjoying your little beautiful girl!!
So excited for you.

Hillary said...

She is just getting cuter every day!

Hope yall are enjoying your weekend!


Melody said...

That onesie in the "the stump fell off" picture, does that have a pair of gray polka dot pants with it? Adilyn has that same outfit, lol. Glad Sawyer is doing well. She's such a cutie. She looks like you!

The Mama said...

Look at that sweet princess!! Love it! Glad you are getting out again. Praying for y'all! Hope tomorrow goes well going back to school tomorrow!

Jennifer Vanzant said...

Im so glad to hear everything is going so good! Im so proud of you and the breast feeding! You are a rock star momma! And that little girl is just precious;)

Melanie Mueller said...

What a cutie Sawyer is!!! Glad to hear it is all going well!!

Nicole said...

Such a gorgeous little girl! Love seeing pictures...she's just too cute.

We were also super adventurous in those early days...we went to Target too!!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

LOOOOOVE THAT BIG BOW!!!! Glad you're recovering. C-sections are no fun, huh? I had four and the fourth was the easiest because they had me up and walking sooner. Do you use a diaper service or have to wash the diapers?

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."