I've been planning on writing Sawyer's birth story but haven't yet. I'm going to give it a go. I may leave some parts out but here goes!
March 13, 2012 we arrive at the hospital at 7:30. I was to have an amnio then section at 11:30. The hospital had other plans! They were packed!!!
Before we left:

They actually told me to take my bags and go sit in the waiting room! At about 9 something the nurse called and said I could go to triage. They hooked me up to monitors and by that time I knew my section wasn't going to happen at 11:30 bc we had to wait on amnio results. (for lung maturity). My Dr. came to do the amnio, which was weird but didn't hurt. She numbed it first and it just felt like pressure. 45 minutes later I was told her lungs were mature!! I was still in triage room. Horrible uncomfortable stretcher. No nice bed. I was told I would have to wait let 3 other cases in front of me. I finally got in a L&D room by 4:30ish. They got me ready and then I realized the urgency and how emergent my situation was. The anesthesiologist pretty much laid it out there. They had called for one of those machines that recycles your blood in case they needed to use my blood. There was also blood in the OR for me. I started getting scared and I was uncontrollably sobbing.
My horribly swollen tear stained face:-)

I went back to OR to get prepped. They do a epi/spinal combo. The epi is for when the spinal wears off for pain control. I just prayed the whole time I was being prepped. I just wanted Scotty. Once he got back, I just squeezed his hand and closed my eyes. There were two anesthesiologists, two doctors. My OB doctors worked fast. Sawyer Bliss was out fast and once I saw her, I just prayed I was going to be OK. I heard them say they were giving me blood but I was so sleepy from all the meds I kept nodding off. I remember them rolling me into my bed and me asking if I was alive, lol.
One thing I was adamant about was that Sawyer stay with Scotty and I if she was breathing well and that we have no visitors for awhile. I got to hold her while they wheeled her into my room. The kids were the first to see her and then my family came later. My Dr. told me later my placenta had started to stick and they had to scrape it and it was shredding up. Scotty told me bits of it were flying everywhere. She had to stitch my uterus to stop the bleeding. I did have a tubal because I didn't want to risk this happening again. It was not a route I really wanted to go down after losing a baby, but I didn't want to risk this again.
I am so so thankful my sweet girl survived this pregnancy and that we are both fine!:)
She is so perfect and I am so in love. I think I will blog about my postpartum days in the hospital later so I won't forget them. It was quite the experience!
Sorry if I haven't been commenting much in blogs, I'm reading but just been so tired and overwhelmed. I'll get caught up soon!!


Hillary said...

Thanks for sharing your birth story! I kept wondering what was taking so long. I was about to keel over waiting for an update :). How scary all that sounds! The lengths we will go to to make sure our little ones gey here safe and sound right? :)

Lots of love to you and your family!!


Melody said...

I love birth stories, even though I already knew all of this :) I'm so glad we both have our babies and things are great!

Kim said...

I'm so glad everything turned out well!! Don't apologize for not commenting, you have a new precious baby and you're recovering! Thanks for sharing your story!

Nancy said...

How scary! I'm so thankful both of you pretty girls are ok & home safe & sound. I bet that was one of the longest days of your life!!

Megan said...

I am so glad everything is okay now. I don't blame you for getting the tubal. How scary for you, especially during the time your husband couldn't be there with you. Now mommy and baby are healthy, and I am so happy she is here safe in her mommies arms!

(Oh and you look beautiful even after crying!!)

Tesha said...

Sounds scary...so sorry it was not peaceful. However you have the most important thing your healthy, beautiful girl. Saying a prayer for your quick recovery!

The Mama said...

Sounds like it was quite the day! What a story! Praying you are feeling better every day, and I am so thankful that you have your sweet precious baby girl here with you and in your arms!!!! Lots of love!!!!

Christi said...

I am a new follower (well kinda, following for a month or so but never commented). Congrats to you and your family. Reading your story gave me goosebumps and excited to hear everyone is healthy. I hope recovery goes well for you and you are in my prayers.

I know your not commenting and staying caught up at this time but if you need something to take your mind off things, even just for a few minutes I thought I would tag you in some questions. I was tagged in 11 questions, I answered them and had to come up with 11 more questions and 11 people to tag. I chose you with hopes it brings smiles and happy thoughts to you. visit my page for details.

Best wishes to you and your new addition. She is beautiful.

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."